Winchester Gun Safe Review

If you are a gun collector, then you will know that having a means of keeping your guns safe is vital. Some people will keep their guns in closets or hidden spots around the home, but we all know how risky this can be.

Having a gun safe is the best option for keeping your guns out of reach of children or intruders, and keeping them in pristine condition. Gun safes can also protect your belongings against fires for the worst case scenarios, so they have become the most viable option for keeping guns secure. 


Winchester are a Repeating Arms company that are well known in the gun industry. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has not heard of the Winchester family. Winchester are a brand that has established itself in the sphere of weaponry since the 1800s. 

Winchester Gun Safe Review

The original Winchester rifles were even manufactured and marketed as the ‘Gun that Won The West’ and the company has only gone on to become one of the biggest names in the production of guns and rifle accessories. 

Winchester have since gone on to produce some of the most impressive and innovative gun safes available on the market today. With integrity, safety, security and durability at the heart of their designs, Winchester now provides some of the best gun safes in the world. 

Most competitor gun safes available are often fireproof in temperatures of up to 1200 degrees, however, the Winchester safes are fireproof in temperatures of up to 1400 degrees that makes them a strong contender when looking for the best.

With some remarkable features and almost impossible to crack builds, Winchester safes are the way forward.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Winchester Safes available. 


When it comes to gun safes, you cannot go far wrong with a brand like Winchester.

Their Big Daddy series is no exception to the quality that the company promises. With the Big Daddy line of safes, you can be sure of wide, spacious storage for your guns and any other valuables you wish to store. 

This extra large and wide gun safe offers 12-gauge steel construction, titanium disks for the lock, extra burglary protection and fire protection.

The Big Daddy boasts external bolts for a wide, full 180 degree swing on the door for easy access whenever you need it. 

With a beveled edge, wide body and U-shaped gun racks, you can easily store all of your gun in this Winchester safe. In addition, this model provides a fixed top upper shelf for smaller items, accessories or valuables. 

You can rest assured that your belongings are always safe as this product is UL listed for burglary protection and has a UL listed locking mechanism.

With 1.5 inch solid steel bolts and dead locking bolts at the hinges, this safe is pry-resistant and with a reinforced, sturdy build.

The Big Daddy lives up to its name with a massively durable design, as it is fire resistant for up to 75 minutes at 1400 degrees fahrenheit!

When we look at the impressive and high quality nature of the Winchester gun safes, the Big Daddy sits proudly at the lower end of the price scale, especially in comparison to models like the Silverado that is nearly four times as pricey. 

For a smart and cost efficient option, we recommend the Big Daddy to keep your guns secure. 


If it is fire safety that you are concerned about, then the Winchester Treasure 26 Gun Safe takes it a step further with an even higher fire rating.

This gun safe can last a whopping 90 minutes at 1400 degrees fahrenheit. 

What is impressive about this design is that the Pal sol door expands when exposed to heat to over six times its original size, which will create a powerful barrier against any heat or smoke. This way your belongings can stay safe and secure for much longer. 

With the Winchester Treasury 26, you can be confident in the UL listed S & G mechanical lock with no override feature. The dead locking hinges also cannot be compromised under pressure or in a burglary attack. 

What is convenient about this Winchester gun safe is that it has an adjustable shelving system for your own interior customization, along with easy access to barrel racks.

The deluxe door panel organizer also provides quick and easy access to smaller handguns or valuable documents and belongings.  

The Winchester Treasury 26 is also at the lower end of the price spectrum, at a similar cost to the Winchester Big Daddy for a more accessible but high quality gun safe.


In the middle of the price range is the Winchester Treasury 48 gun safe that has a fire rating of 90 minutes at 1400 degrees fahrenheit.

Its external vault-style hinges allow a 180 degree door swing for full and easy accessibility. 

With multiple layers of UL-rated fireboard in the door and  the body, alongside double layers of Palusol heat-expandable door seals, this gun safe is great for keeping fire and smoke out.

In addition, the composite steel door includes a ¼ inch solid steel outer plate for added protection.

The locks are again UL listed for burglary and damage protection with a titanium disc to secure the lock. The 4-way gear driven locking bolt system operates 18 1.5 inch solid steel locking bolts for extra safety. 

With a door panel organizer, welted interior, adjustable shelving and motion sensing LED lights, this Winchester gun safe is a great option for your guns.


The Winchester Silverado is one of the highest capacity, largest and impressive gun safes that Winchester have to offer.

With one of the heaviest price tags that Winchester safes can have, this product has a variety of features that make it one of the best.  

The Winchester Silverado offers a fire rating of 120 minutes at 1400 degrees fahrenheit, with additional thermal protective lining in the door pockets.

Like the previous models, the Silverado also has a heat expanding door seal to keep its contents safer and protected from any smoke or fire damage. 

You will never have to worry about burglary or theft damage again with the Silverado. This Winchester gun safe has a drill-resistant build, an anti-prying system and 1.5 inches thick locking bolts in addition to its 10 gauge steel construction.

The mechanical lock included with this gun safe is also UL listed, and has no override feature for extra protection.

The Winchester Silverado also promises to host up to 48 different guns. Its sheer size and stature allow it to keep many guns secure with its large and spacious design.

The interior also has many compartments and removable shelves so that you can make the most of the space provided. 

This particular Winchester safe provides a power docking system with two 110V outlets, along with two USB pass-throughs with an additional motion sensing light to help you see what is left inside.

As with many Winchester models, the quality is key and this Silverado gun safe comes with a Winchester lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.


For a slightly smaller, but no less impressive Winchester gun safe, you may prefer the Winchester Legacy 44.

This gun safe is very similar in design to the Silverado, but offers a 51 gun capacity and 2.5 hour fire rating at 1400 degrees fahrenheit! 


If the large, high capacity gun safes are not your thing, then Winchester still has you covered.

If you are looking for a smaller gun safe to keep your belongings secure, then the smaller Winchester Home Safe will suit your needs. 

With 12 gauge steel 1 inch bolts and a mechanical lock, you can feel less vulnerable when storing your guns.

This smaller gun safe is fire resistant for up to 60 minutes in 1400 degrees, with a composite steel door and heat expanding seal just like the others. 

This 42 inch Winchester safe is perfect for storing some guns and valuables in the office or home for your own protection and security.

Winchester Gun Safe Buying Guide

Why Choose Winchester?

As previously mentioned, Winchester gun safes offer a far greater fire protection feature than most other gun safe manufacturers.

Generally speaking, gun safes can withstand up to 1200 degrees fahrenheit, whereas the Winchester gun safes can stay protected for longer in heats of up to 1400 degrees fahrenheit. 

In addition, Winchester are proud about the products they produce, and aim to make only the best gun safes available. This is apparent in the UL listed locking mechanisms and their burglar proof designs. 

As quality is the forefront of their business, and they have every confidence in the security of their gun safes, Winchester will always provide guarantees that cover damages caused by fire or burglaries. This makes them a highly reliable and trustworthy company to purchase the best gun safes from. 

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