Simmons 8-Point 3-9 x40 Scope Review

When hunting, a good quality scope for your rifle is essential. Without a good scope, your shots will be less accurate and your overall hunting experience will be hindered.

As it is important to purchase good quality and durable scope, you want to choose the right one. They are not the cheapest of additions to your rifle so you want to ensure you make an informed choice. That is where we are here to help.

In this article, we will be reviewing one scope, in particular, the 8-Point 3-9 x40. It is manufactured by a company called Simmons. Simmons is well-known and loved in the hunting community, and it is easy to see why.

We will be looking at all of the specifications for this Simmons scope and we will be discussing all of its pros and cons. We hope this article will help you to decide whether or not you think this scope is worth purchasing. It is worth a shot!

Simmons Company Background

Simmons Optics is a company that was founded in 1983. They are one of the leading companies when it comes to binoculars and rifle scopes. They pride themselves on their high-quality and high-value products.

The rifle scopes they create are focused on hunting and they are a popular and well-loved brand. Their products are known for their durability and provide great accuracy. 

Their designs are innovative in the optical world and they have grown increasingly popular since they were founded.

We have split up our review of the Simmons 8-Point 3-9 x40 Scope into useful specification sections so that you can find the information you need easily. 

Cost and Design

The Simmons 8-Point 3-9 x40 Scope has everything you need in a rifle scope.

It has a matte black design, that is sleek and will go well with the majority of hunting rifles.

Here are the overall dimensions:

  • Length - 12 inches
  • Diameter - 1 inch

As you can see, it is not overly large or cumbersome and is the perfect size for a hunting rifle.

It weighs a total of 10.28 ounces, which is impressive. This scope will not weigh down your rifle or affect your shooting at all.

When you look at the overall specifications for this scope, it is hard to deny how good it is. It is one of the best 3-9 x40 scopes currently on the market. 

While it is not the cheapest scope on the market, it is reasonably priced.

Given that the overall specifications for this scope are higher than many of its competitors at a similar price, the cost is completely justified.

True Zero Windage

This is one of the most important things to consider as many hunters will be worried that they will not be able to hold zero.

The True Zero Windage feature of this scope ensures that this is possible and that you can always hold a true zero, even with recoil. 

The Elevation Adjustment System also helps to ensure this. This system is particularly good given that this scope is not overly expensive. As it can be adjusted, this will help with your overall precision. 

Mounting Your Scope

It is worth keeping in mind that this scope does not come with any mounting rings. Other scopes of this caliber do, so this is worth keeping in mind.

These mounting rings will need to be purchased separately. 

Without mounting rings, your scope will not be completely shockproof. However, with the rings, this scope can be mounted onto your hunting rifle with ease.

Truplex Reticle

A great feature of the Simmons Scope is its Truplex reticle.

The reticle has a cross that goes across all the scope and will help with your accuracy when hunting.

The cross is thicker at the edges, and thinner in the middle of the scope to help with precision. It will help you to lock on and shoot your target with ease.

While the majority of 8-Point scopes will have this feature, it is something you should look for in a good scope. 

It is worth noting that some users of this scope have experienced some issues with the overall quality control.

Some have received a scope that does not have a reticle that is perfectly aligned. This has only occurred with several cases and as there is a warranty covering this scope, this issue can be resolved. 

Scope Image Quality

When choosing a new scope, you want to ensure that it has a good quality image.

After all, the image is what will help you to locate and shoot your targets. When looking at the Simmons model, the scope has fully coated optics.

These optics provide a clear, good quality image. The majority of people that have purchased this scope have mentioned that the quality is fantastic and there is little in the way of complaints about it.

In addition to this, the lens has fully coated optics. This helps ensure that the light visibility is good. It will enhance the color and contrast of what you can see through the scope. This is particularly useful for hunting. 

Ease Of Use

This scope is easy to use overall and will not hinder your hunting experience. It is a great scope to have and its QTA eyepiece makes hunting easy.

You should face no issues with locking in on targets. The ¼ MOA clicks help with your overall precision.

If you are new to hunting, the scope does come with a user manual to explain everything you will need to know. The scope is good at a shorter and longer range. 

It is easy on the eye and as it looks in on the target, this will make your shooting easier. You can focus quickly with this scope which is great if you have a moving target. 

With the correct rings, this scope is easy to place on your rifle. Being so lightweight, it should not hinder your shooting in any way.

In-Depth Specifications

Here are some more in-depth specifications for the Simmons 8-Point 3-9 x40 Scope:

  • Magnification - 3-9X
  • Objective Diameter - 40 mm
  • Field of View - 31.4 - 10.5 feet
  • Eye Relief/Exit Pupil - 3.75 inches/3.6 - 10.7 mm
  • Adjustment Info - 1/4 MOA/Click

Weatherproof and Shockproof Design

What is excellent about the Simmons Scope is that it is weatherproof. This is something of high importance when looking for a hunting rifle scope.

It is waterproof and fog proof. As it is fog proof, you do not have to worry about your visibility being affected, mid hunt.

In addition to this, the scope is also shockproof. This is great because it means that the scope will not be affected by the recoil from your rifle.


The Simmons Scope comes with a lifetime warranty. This is fantastic because it gives you peace of mind should anything go wrong with your scope. 

Given that this is a reasonably priced scope, this is a great additional feature.

As Simmons is a well-known company, they can be trusted to resolve any issues that you may have with a scope you have purchased.

List Of Pros And Cons

Here is a full list of the Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40’s pros and cons for you to take a look at.


  • One of the highest tech 3-9x40 scopes on the market currently
  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple matte black design
  • Lightweight and not cumbersome in any way
  • Weatherproof
  • Fogproof
  • Shockproof
  • Truplex Reticle
  • True Zero Windage
  • Elevation Adjustment System is a very high quality given the overall price of the scope
  • Fantastic scope for its image quality
  • Fully coated optics
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • QTA eyepiece
  • ¼ MOA clicks help with your overall precision
  • Easy to use


  • This rifle does not come with mounting rings, these will need to be purchased separately
  • It has been noted that there are some issues with the overall quality control of the scopes. Some users have noted that their reticles are not aligned perfectly. This is worth considering

Summary And Where To Purchase

To summarise, the Simmons 8-Point 3-9x40 Scope is certainly worth looking into. It has a simple design and is very lightweight, it will not weigh down your rifle in any way.

It is great value for money, especially given the high specifications it has. It would be difficult to find a scope of equal caliber that is in its price range. As it comes with a lifetime warranty, you are covered should your scope arrive with any quality control issues.

The Simmons Scope is weatherproof, fog proof, and shockproof which is essential in a hunting scope. The ¼ MOA clicks help with the overall precision and it has a QTA eyepiece.

Overall, we think that it would be hard to find another scope in the price range of the Simmons that can match it. If you are interested in the Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40 Scope and would like to purchase it, you can do so via Amazon US here

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