Cannon Gun Safe Review

I don’t think there should be more gun control. I think there should be more education - Sam Brownback 

Guns are in our blood.

Our country was founded on the principles of equality and freedom, principles that were earned on the battlefield with courage and firepower.

Their usage is enshrined in our constitution and the right to own and protect our homes and loved ones, with a firearm, is part of our cultural identity.

We are who we are, in no small part, thanks to the gun and while their usage and ownership has recently become a contentious issue, almost two hundred and fifty years of history has ingrained the role that they played in the creation of our society in our collective psyche.

Whether or not we individually believe in the idea of gun ownership, the one thing that we can all agree on is that owning a gun comes with a certain level of responsibility.

If you own a gun, you have to make sure that as well as being trained to use it safely, you can also store it securely in your home. That means that if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to install a gun safe.

If you’re going to put your safety, and that of your guns, in someone else’s hands, you’re going to want to make sure that those hands are capable of doing the job that you’ve entrusted to them.

And that’s why, when you’re looking for a gun safe that you can depend on, and trust, the name that should be right at the top of your list, is Cannon.

Cannon Safe - Doing Things The Cannon Way

Even though you may not have heard of them and their name doesn’t pop up regularly, if at all, in household conversation, Cannon Safe has been a part of the fabric of American society for more than half a century. 

Since nineteen sixty-five Cannon has been helping America to sleep soundly at night by providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything you hold dear, and of value, is locked away in a nearly impregnable safe.

A start to finish manufacturer that values craftsmanship and elegance and believes wholeheartedly in security, Cannon specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing secure home storage solutions and large-scale gun safes.

Operating from the belief that the safes they make should fit comfortably within the budget of every American household, Cannon’s focus has always been on providing greater safe solutions than their competition.

Experience has taught Cannon that in order to make sure that they can fall in step with the demands of mainstream America, they needed to embrace the idea that variety is the spice of life.

It was an idea that they took to heart and continued to follow with their extensive range of gun safes, any of which would provide the security that you’d want, and need for your guns.

If we attempted to try and take a look at all of the gun safes that Cannon makes, we’d be here all day, so we’re just going to look at a couple of their most popular, best selling models which are the gun safes that we believe no home, and no gun owner can afford to be without. 

The first thing any gun safe needs to be is secure, and the All Rifle is the home security equivalent of Fort Knox.

It uses four separate four-inch locking bolts and Cannon’s patented Tru-Lock hinges to seal whatever you store inside it tighter than the vault at Gold Reserve that the aforementioned Fort Knox protects.  

Able to hold up to forty- two firearms at once, while Cannon advertises this safe as being primarily for use with rifles and semi-automatic weapons, it has a degree of versatility that other rifle “cupboards” don’t possess.

The door is lined with pouches that you can use to store handguns, ear defenders, and safety glasses in, so all of your range equipment can be kept in one convenient location.

As soon as you open the door, you’ll have full access to your rifles and pistols, and thanks to the handy shelf that sits above the rifle rack, there’s also plenty of room to store all of your ammunition.

The rack is also felt-lined, so your rifles won’t suffer from any metal on metal contact and won’t get scratched or damaged when you store them and take them out of the safe. 

And when you want to open the safe? You just punch your own combination into it’s easy to access and simple to use electronic keypad, and it’ll spring open.

With hundreds of thousands of possible combinations, but only one right one, the possibility of anyone being able to break into, or gain access to the safe without knowing the access code is slim to non-existent.

Once that door is locked, it’s staying locked. Even if an enterprising would-be thief resorted to trying to drill the electronic lock of the All Rifle out, they’d hit a virtual brick wall as it’s protected by triple steel plates which will stop them dead in their tracks.

Short of trying to blow its door off with high explosives the only way that anyone is ever going to get into the All Rifle is with the combination. And as you’ll be the only person who knows it, you’ll be the only person who’ll ever be able to get in. 

Even though it’s something that none of us ever want to think about, there is a slim possibility that at some point in our lives, that our homes could fall victim to fire.

If the worst should happen while your guns are locked in the All Rifle, don’t worry.  You’ll have plenty of time to get your family out before the ammo starts heating up and things start to get even more dangerous.

The All Rifle has a forty-five-minute fire rating, which means that in all likelihood, the fire department would have shown up and put the blaze out long before the heat caused it any significant damage.

And while we’re on the subject of damage, as the All Rifle also has a triple fin smoke seal, there’s absolutely no possibility that any can seep through its airtight seals and harm any of the contents inside the safe.

The All Rifle is an incredible home-based safety deposit box, and we’ve happily entrusted all of our weapons to it.

We just wish that the door wouldn’t rattle when it was closed and that the engineer in charge of fitting and alignment had taken a little more time to work that particular bugbear out before it went into production.

That said, for all the protection it provides, a little bit of door noise is a small inconvenience and a price that we’re happy to pay in the name of safety. 

The Premium is Cannon’s flagship gun safe and has an incredible amount of luxury features and high-end options as standard.

While the All Rifle can hold up forty-two firearms, the Premium can easily store up to forty-eight, which is a whole of gun storage space and almost certainly more than most of us will ever need in our lifetimes.

Instead of the four locking bolts that the All Rifle has, the Premium has twelve as well as a dual access EMP (Electro-Mechanical Protection) lock.

It’s also outfitted with an upgraded interior that includes premium upholstery, interior lights, and a jaw-dropping door organizer that’ll let you house more handguns and safety equipment than your neighborhood gun club owns. 

And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a media box which houses ethernet and USB connections, which we’re struggling to find a reason for, but just knowing that they’re there makes us feel a little better inside for some strange reason.

Backed by Cannon’s lifetime warranty and promise, the Premium was also engineered and designed to last even longer than the All Rifle in the incredibly unlikely event of a fire.

Its ninety-minute rating means that it’ll last twice as long as the All Rifle would before succumbing to the flames, and as it’s airtight, smoke damage is something that you would never, under any circumstances, ever have to worry about if you entrusted your weapons and valuables to the Premium. 

The only thing that bothers us about the Premium is that we wish it was within our price range and that instead of it being the gun safe that we’ve spent countless evenings dreaming, and fantasizing, about owning, we wish that it had our pride of place in our home.

All Rifle vs Premium

On paper, it seems like an easy choice. We’d go for the Premium every single day of the week and twice on a Sunday and we’d advise you to do the same.

But we live in the real world, and unless you’re directly descended from, and related to Norman Rockefeller, then like us, the Premium is probably a little bit outside of your financial reach.

And that’s the reason why we’ve entrusted our guns to the safety and security of the All Rifle. It’s an affordable, versatile and adaptable gun safe that has never let us down and so far, has proved to be every bit as durable as we hoped, and prayed, it would. 

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