Best Small Gun Safe

Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to protect your home and your family?

If you answered yes, you’ll want to get your hands on a gun safe that will be able to keep your firearm close, but safely secured away. 

If you’re the owner of a firearm and want to store it in your home so that it’s always close to hand, it’s important that you make sure that your gun is kept safe away.

Not only will it keep it safe and secure from curious little hands, but it’ll also ensure that you always have peace of mind that you know where your firearm is. 

The best small gun safes on the market are designed to keep your gun hidden away, all the while making sure that you’ll be able to quickly and discreetly access it in the event of an emergency. 

Gun safes come in a wide range of different styles, and we’ve been busy selecting the top 5 available to buy. We’ve even included a helpful buying guide and F.A.Q section, to help you make the best choice for you and your needs.

Regardless of your preference or budget, we’re confident that you’ll find the ideal gun safe for you below. So, without further ado, read on for a closer look at some of the most popular models. 

In a hurry? Keep your firearm safe and sound with our top pick:

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read our full review, look no further than the SentrySafe Gun Safe.

In a nutshell, the SentrySafe Gun Safe features a biometric locking system that will provide secure storage for one standard-sized handgun. 

It’s great for those with families, as the fingerprint scanner offers advanced protection and ensures it will be pistol safe.

It’s conveniently small size makes it ideal for keeping beside, while its solid steel and ply resistance deliver maximum protection. 

Top 5 Best Small Gun Safes


If you’re on the hunt for a small gun safe that will be big enough to hold your standard-sized handgun, your search is over with the SentrySafe Gun Safe.

This gun safe will provide optimal security. It features a biometric locking system that requires the fingerprint of the authorized user via the use of a scanner to unlock it.

This type of locking system is very difficult for thieves to crack, and ensures that any children in the household won’t be able to access the firearm. 

It features a gas strut that will instantly open your safe door for single-handed access, which will allow you to access the gun more quickly in the event of an emergency.

The gas strut also opens silently, so you can discreetly access your firearm without being detected.

It has been made of solid steel and features a pry-resistant door for maximum strength, security, and durability.

In the event that you need to override the fingerprint scanner, SentrySafe has also included a manual keypad and key for backup entry.

Thanks to its small size, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their firearm safe, secured and within arms reach.

It will slot itself onto your bedside table or similar piece of furniture or shelf, while its slim, black design will blend itself into all types of interiors.


  • Small and ideal for placing on your bedside table
  • Biometric locking is advanced and difficult for thieves/children to crack
  • Made of durable steel 


  • Not big enough to hold additional valuables


Looking for a safe that has been specifically designed to hold a firearm in the ready position? We recommend considering the Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Gun Safe.

Boasting a slim and vertical design, this gun safe can hold any firearm up to 8.875” in length, as well as the addition of a spare magazine. 

Its convenient and small design can be slotted into a shelf, under a desk, or onto a bedside table, and even comes with an included mounting plate with standard VESA 75mm and 100mm hole patterns. 

Its tough and rugged 16-gauge carbon steel construction features a durable finish that won’t corrode and will provide a long service life of protection for your firearm. 

Allowing quick and convenient access, its three-point precision rail system features ball-bearing guides that will quickly click the safe open and present the stored firearm in the ready position in a matter of seconds.  

Plus, ensuring that you can easily use your safe at night or in low light conditions, this safe features an auto-illuminating keypad with a built-in proximity sensor.

It also comes with backup keys in the event that you needed to override the locking combination. However, this safe is not compatible with Smart Key.

In addition to this, Vaultek has also included a single anti-impact latch that will keep the safe securely locked under the impact, which means that your firearm will remain securely locked within the safe in the event that a thief tries to steal it. 


  • Features built-in anti-theft protection features
  • Quick access to the firearm in the ready position
  • Slim design can slot itself neatly under a desk or placed onto a shelf


  • Not compatible with Smart Key


This gun safe from SnapSafe is a little different from the rest on our list because it has been specifically designed to be kept under your bed.

Featuring an unconventional, thin design, the SnapSafe Under Bed Safe has been designed to be tucked neatly under your bed. It has been constructed of 14 gauge heavy-duty steel with pre-drilled bolt holes for quick and permanent installation. 

Offering multi-use capacity, the large slide-out drawer accommodates firearms and even has space for documents, jewelry, and other valuables. It can also be discreetly kept under other types of furniture (such as your sofa) or can even be kept inside your car. 

Plus, providing peace of mind, the pry-resistant door will keep children and unauthorized strangers from gaining access to the forearm. This Under Bed Safe also features a robust 3-foot cable that will provide added security when it is attached to a stationary object. 

In addition, besides its programmed 3 to 8 digit access code, the SnapSafe Under Bed Safe also comes with a traditional key entry in the event that you forget your number combination, or need to reset it. 


  • Made of long-lasting 14 gauge heavy-duty steel
  • Pry resistant door will make it harder to access
  • Comes with a traditional key 


  • It makes a beeping noise, which will make it harder to be discreet when accessing the firearm 


Next up on our list we have selected the Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe, featuring an innovative design for quick and easy access in all situations. 

Unlike other safes on our list, this safe is unique because it has been made with RFID technology. It will provide instant access with ‘tags’ (including decals and wristbands that are included).

For convenience, the tag on the wristband is located just on top of the buckle for easy use, while the decals can be stuck to all surfaces, including your mobile phone. 

By using RFID technology, there’s no need to have to search for a key, remember a code or register a fingerprint, all you’ll need to do is hover your synced tag and it will open instantly.  

Not only that, but the RFID-enabled device can be programmed to read up to five different tags, which will come in handy if you misplace a tag, or want additional people to have access to the safe.

Plus, offering total versatility, this safe even comes with a secondary locking method which will allow you to program a security code in addition to your tags if you so desire. 

It’s heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction features an exterior housing that is made of thick 14 Gauge Steel to ensure that it’s durable and longlasting. It also comes with two internal hardened locking lugs.

Offering excellent value for money, the contents include the Rapid Safe, a wall power supply, the wristband, key fob, barrel keys, and even a security cable.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for an innovative, low-maintenance safe that will be able to house their firearm, as well as additional valuables, too. 


  • Touch-free entry for ultimate convenience
  • Features a heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction
  • Activated by a wristband


  • Some users have found that the wristband doesn’t always work


On a budget? No problem! If you want to save money, a great option worth considering is the AmazonBasics Steel Box. 

Ideal for those who want a traditional safe, this one from Amazon consists of a square design (just like the kind you’d find in a hotel) and operates via a digital number pad. 

Its compact sizes will provide you with a 0.5-cubic-foot capacity that will be able to nicely accommodate a wide range of items including your passports, jewelry, cash, and of course, your firearm!

It’s built from solid, pry-resistant steel, and will ensure that this security safe is able to offer durability and long-lasting service. On the inside, the safe features a soft carpeted floor that will make sure that your firearm and other valuables are protected from damage, and will safeguard against scratching. 

Not only that, but this budget-friendly safe is equipped with an electronic lock, which will allow for quick set-up and easy operation.

Once you’ve set it up and input your unique number sequence, all you’ll need to do is enter your passcode and turn the knob clockwise to quickly and quietly open the door.

It comes with two emergency override keys, which will allow you to open the safe and access your gun even if you forget your passcode or the keypad batteries have run out.

For added convenience, the digital display has three different symbols that will indicate when the safe is locked, unlocked, and when the keypad is running low on battery.

Additionally, the AmazonBasics Security Safe can also be easily bolted to a floor, shelf, or wall.

It comes with two bolts and all other necessary mounting hardware to allow you to do this. All in all, we think that this safe is a steal. 


  • Affordable price point, suitable for those on a budget
  • Built from pry-resistant steel for durability
  • Can be used to keep a gun, as well as other important valuable items


  • The traditional ‘square’ design might not be to everyone’s taste

Best Small Gun Safe Buying Guide


Do you have any other valuables that you’d like to keep safe? Many people that purchase a small gun safe also choose to store some other items in there, too. However, not all small gun safes have enough space to serve this purpose.

Therefore, if you do wish to keep your passport, jewelry or even a family heirloom stored in your small gun safe, make sure that you check that the gun safe you’re going to purchase is going to be able to accommodate this need.


From a traditional key to a manual locking function, there’s plenty of lock options available for you to choose from. Some of the more advanced safes even come with a Biometric fingerprint detection device, although the quality of these safes certainly reflects in their price points.

If you find yourself to be the kind of person that easily misplaces things or is forgetful, you might want to avoid selecting a lock and key, or locks that require a code to open. 


The weight of your safe is another important factor to think about before making a choice.

Safes can come in a range of different sizes and weights, so it's worth being aware that the heavier your safe is, the harder it will be for a thief to remove it from your home.

Power Source

Planning on purchasing an electronic safe? If so, you’re going to require some power sources. Nowadays, most electronic safes require batteries or USB charging, as opposed to the traditional wall socket, which is a lot more convenient.

If you want to purchase a safe with electronic functions, this is a logistical point to think about. 


If you want to safeguard your firearm as much as possible, another factor to consider is whether or not you want to purchase a safe that comes with a built-in alarm system.

Though safes that come with this feature are often more expensive, it means that your safe will feature an additional level of protection, so it’s something worth considering. 

Failsafe Feature

A failsafe feature is another point to think about. Similar to an alarm, a failsafe locking feature will offer an extra level of protection.

In the event that someone entered your home and tried to gain access to your safe, a failsafe locking feature will automatically lock itself after several wrong attempts to unlock it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of small gun safes are available?

There are four standard kinds of gun safes to choose from, let’s take a look:

  1. Pattern keypad gun safes: pattern combinations safes are newer on the scene, and consist of inputting a pattern into the safe keypad to unlock it. Though these are appealing to many for how quick and convenient they are to unlock, patterns are significantly easier to crack than a number combination.
  2. Biometric lock gun safes: these are the most expensive kinds of gun safes, and also the most secure. This is because these kinds of gun safes require scanning technology to recognize and detect the individual fingerprint makeup of the authorized user. As everyone has their own fingerprint, this type of gun safe is virtually impossible to crack. 
  3. Number keypad gun safes: number keypad combination gun safes are very similar to pattern combination gun safes, the only difference is that a number combination is required in order to successfully unlock the safe. The chances of a stranger being able to unlock this type of safe is very low, although there’s always a chance that someone could make an educated guess on what the number combination might be. 
  4. Manual lock gun safe: this is the traditional safe design, and consists of using a mechanical dial. These types of safes are most commonly used in hotels.

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