Best Gun Safes Under $100

We all know how important it is to feel safe in our own homes. Some people choose to have a home security system, others choose to exercise their right to own a gun in case of any intruders or danger. 

But if you are picking the latter, then it is important that you have a safe place to store and keep your gun to ensure that there are no accidents, or that it is kept away from the reach of children. 

Having a gun safe is a sure fire way to ensure that your gun is kept locked away and secure at all times. Many people will feel more protected knowing that their gun is too. But, with so many on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are the best to get. 

Furthermore, if you want to tighten the belt and stay under budget, then finding a strong, cheap gun safe is a difficult task.

Never fear, we have found the best gun safes for under $100, so that you do not have to! 

Times are changing, and it's important that you feel safe and secure throughout your life, so sit back and relax while we show you the best cheap gun safes available today!
A Gray Safe Containing Guns

The Safe Choice

For a compact, secure and impressive gun safe that you can rely on, you will love the RPNB Gun Safe. This safe offers optimal security and is under $100. If you have any children in your home, you can rest assured that a firearm will never be in their reach with this gun safe.

With 4-point entry, you can gain quick access to your gun if in the state of an emergency. There is a keypad for a combination, immediate access code, manual key and RFID key card for your convenience!

The safe itself has a tough steel construction, that is durable and long lasting to keep your belongings locked away for longer. Its sleek black design can slip right into your home relatively unnoticed, or can be floor mounted for extra protection. 

Our favorite thing about this gun safe is that you can also purchase it with a biometric fingerprint system, for an extra level of security and peace of mind. 


If you have children or vulnerables in your home who do not yet understand the dangers of firearms and guns, then keeping them safely locked away should be your top priority.

With a gun safe like the RPNB Quick Access Pistol Safe, you will be able to secure, lock and store your guns with ease.

Be a responsible gun owner with this sleek and impressive safe for under $100!

With 4-point entry of manual keys, keypad, immediate access mode, and RFID key fob/cards, you can gain instant access to your valuables or guns. 

This tough and rugged gun safe is made from a steel construction for long lasting strength and security for all of the years to come.

It features anti corrosion technology, and a sleek black finish that will be easily unnoticeable in your home. 

What is great about this compact, secure safe is that it can be floor mounted for extra safety.

The door is also pry-resistant, with a welded steel body to prevent any break ins.

You can also purchase this gun safe model with a biometric fingerprint system as an extra barrier from unwanted intruders. 


  • Quick access
  • Steel construction
  • Durable
  • Sleek, black design
  • 4 point entry
  • Pry-proof body 
  • Can be mounted
  • Can fit multiple firearms/items


  • Have to pay extra for the biometric fingerprint lock


If you are looking for strong, powerful protection, then the Champs Gun Safe has you covered.

With pry-resistant, scratch protection and 16-gauge steel housing, your guns will be kept away from sight with ease.  

The exterior is not the only benefit of this safe. With 4 protective foam inserts and memory foam interior, your guns and valuables are kept in pristine condition whilst inside this gun safe. 

This fast access safe has a resettable 4 digit combination code lock for easy access...especially if you are forgetful. Even better, there is an extra key option if you cannot get in. 

This gun safe can also be used for multi purposes with enough room for handguns, ammunition, passports, important documents or any valuables that you wish to keep inaccessible.

You can fit at least 3 handguns in this compact safe. 

What is even more impressive about the Champs Gun Safe is that it has its own innovative tamper alert system.

If 3 incorrect attempts are made to enter the safe in succession, then the safe will set off an alarm for 1 minute to alert you of any intruders.

At this point, the safe will automatically lock for 2 more minutes to prevent break ins. 

However, you can override this function with your key if it goes off by mistake.

For a useful and secure gun safe that fits a variety of valuables, try the Champs Gun Safe.


  • Tamper alert system
  • Can fit up to 3 handguns or other valuables
  • Resettable 4 digit combination
  • Comes with extra key
  • Fast Access safe
  • Durable
  • 16-gauge steel housing
  • Memory foam interior for anti-scratch 
  • Can be mounted


  • Not fireproof


With Bonnlo, you can keep your handgun out of reach of children and locked away safely.

This gun safe offers you quick access if needed, and has a programmable 3-8 combination code lock.

The spring loaded drop down door ensures a quick open if needed, or can be programmed for silent entry for your convenience.

This gun safe has a durable construction, that is made of heavy-gauge steel and a high strength locking latch to ensure optimal protection from intrusions. 

With 2 modes of entry; you can open this safe with the keypad or with a spare manual key.

As this safe is battery operated, remember not to keep the keys inside, in case the batteries run out. 

What we love about this safe is that it has a tamper sensitive alert system that will set off an alarm if the wrong attempt to enter is made!

This can be quickly shut off with your manual key for your convenience. 

This gun safe is accessible, cost efficient and can be purchased in medium or small sizes depending on your needs!


  • Can be purchased in medium and small size
  • Durable construction
  • High strength locking latch prevents break ins
  • Programmable combination code
  • Quick access
  • 2 modes of entry
  • Can be mounted
  • Tamper alert system


  • Door slams open, could damage items next to it


The GunVault gun safe is unique in its design as it has a no eye keypad for quick access.

The patented no eyes keypad allows you to program over 12 million different access codes. 

The built in computer blocks access after repeated failed keypad entries, whilst the body of this gun safe is tamper resistant.

The spring loaded door and precise steel fittings make this safe virtually impossible to pry open. 

The 16-gauge steel construction protects the outside, while the soft foam protects its interior, to keep your belongings completely safe. 


  • 16-gauge steel construction
  • Foam interior
  • No eye keypad
  • Can be programmed to 12 million different codes 
  • Spring door
  • Anti-pry


  • Can overheat
  • Not fire resistant


If you are looking for an easily accessible, wall mounted safe for your gun, then RPNB has a safe perfect for you!

This easy to reach gun safe features a slim vertical design that can be desk mounted, placed under a nightstand, on a bookshelf or in a vehicle. 

For added convenience, you can mount this gun safe from right, left or the top depending on your preference.

Its tough and sturdy exterior offers steel construction and long lasting design with a sleek black finish. 

With quick access to your firearm, this safe is electronically programmable with a keypad for access and a drop down drawer that places your firearm in a ready to use position. 

For those situations where you may need to act fast to protect yourself, this mounted gun safe is the best option. 


  • Programmable code
  • Easy access
  • Drop down feature holds gun ready
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Backup key included


  • No option for quiet open
  • Have to pay extra for fingerprint lock
  • Batteries die quickly

Buyer’s Guide

How to find the best gun safes for under $100

When looking for a great gun safe for under 100 dollars, there are a few key features that you should watch out for. 

The most popular guns that people choose to keep for their home and family security are handguns. For these guns, you will need a relatively small safe in order to secure it.

However, if it is for home and personal security, then you will need a safe that allows for quick access in the case of an emergency or a potential threat to your wellbeing. 

You will need a safe that can be easily and quickly opened (only by you) so that if you are in a dangerous situation, you will be able to arm yourself without delay or complication. 

Although you can purchase very small gun safes for under 100 dollars, that can make them very susceptible to grab and go theft. There is no point buying a safe to keep your gun in if it can be easily carried away by a thief or an intruder. 

To bypass this issue, try to look for safes with holes to drill them into the walls or a sturdy surface to prevent theft. 

With any type of safe, the quality and durability of the lock is paramount to its security. With gun safes, the locking mechanism needs to be structurally sound and secure at all times. Look for safes with extra locking systems, or ones that are generally not so easy to get into.

Finally, you should always consider the steel or construction of the gun safe. The thicker the steel, the more protected your gun will be.

However, at a price point of just $100, your gun safe will not be completely intrusion proof, and if you are worried about theft or break-ins, then we recommend you invest a few more bucks for a sturdier design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a gun safe?

One of the most important reasons to invest in a gun safe is to ensure that it is out of reach of the wrong users. You should always monitor who has direct access to your guns, and prevent any misuse. 

In most cases, gun safes are there to prevent burglars or thieves from accessing your equipment, however, the most valuable reason for a gun safe is to keep your weapon away from children, visitors, friends, or anyone who may have or find a spare key. 

Keeping your gun locked in a safe can also prevent any accidents that may occur. As petitions for the removal of guns grow higher and stronger, you can help to protect your rights and the 2nd Amendment by avoiding any catastrophes and conveying that there can be responsible and organized gun ownership. 

In addition, in many states, there are laws that depict that you must lock away your guns from sight and out of reach of children. You should check the laws local to you and ensure that you are adhering to them.

Finally, you may want to purchase a gun safe because you can also keep other valuables locked away in there. You can have extra security and peace of mind that your favorite items or most cherished belongings are safe in your home. 

Where can I buy gun safes online?

Along with regular gun safe and accessory retailers such as Liberty, you may be surprised to note that you can buy impressive gun safes online on

Can a safe be broken into?

Many safes can be broken into after extensive time, effort and work. The point of a safe is to make it not worth a burglar’s time and energy breaking into it.

Thieves often will not have enough time to sit and work on your lock or combination, and would rather grab and go. So, ensure that your safe has enough protection and is secured to the floor or wall to prevent anyone from getting inside easily. 

Can I put a gun safe in the garage or basement?

Most people will argue that it is best to try and avoid placing your gun safe in the garage. However, if it seems like your only option, then you must attach it to the wall or bolt it into the floor. Try to conceal it in some way or place a closet around it. 

Many gun users argue that the basement is the best place to keep your gun safe. However, you will have to factor in whether this is a fire hazard, or whether your safe will be at risk of flooding in the basement. 

Will a rare earth magnet open a safe?

In many cases, you can open a safe with a rare earth magnet. These magnets are made of neodymium and are extremely powerful. They can easily wreck your electronics, phones and devices in a matter of seconds. 

This will only work on a few smaller safes, and if the intruder has the time to play around with it. For larger safes, to open with a magnet, you would at least need a magnet with a 200lb pulling force in order to even try to open a locked safe, and they are quite hard to find. 

What if I forget my gun safe combination?

Forgetting the combination to your safe is a tricky situation, however, we have all been there. With so many passwords and logins that we use nowadays, it is easily done. 

To get into your safe after forgetting the combination, you will first have to work out or remember what kind of safe you have. This will help you determine the right method to get back into your safe, or to be able to reset the code.

You can also check if the safe has a key override system, or an alternative emergency method of entering your safe.

In addition, your safe may have a change key feature that can help you regain access to your safe. This will allow you to change the combination to your safe in an emergency situation. 

Lastly, if you have exhausted all other efforts, then you will have to seek the help from a locksmith. 

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