Best Gun Safe for Apartment

Guns need to be stored safely. We all know this, right?

However, what if you tend to move around a lot? What if you rent out an apartment at the moment but you are likely to move again in the future? What if the apartment you live in is too small for huge safes and storage solutions?

The safe storage of your gun becomes far more difficult if any of these situations apply to you.

In general, apartments are not known for their huge sizes or having lots of room, and of course, if you travel a lot, moving apartments every few years, then gun storage needs to be adaptive to this, or else you will be spending lots of money regularly just to keep your guns safe.

Luckily, there are solutions to these issues, as you can buy gun safes that are suitable for apartments. Some of them are very easily transported, meaning whenever you move home, your gun safe can just come right along with you. 

gun safe

Gun safes for apartments have some different requirements from your typical gun safes, especially if the apartment in question is a rented one. You may not be able to bolt some storage to the floor all wall very easily and this should be kept in mind.

We thought it might be helpful if we recommended some of the best gun safes for apartments that we could find. In total, there are five of them, and each has an in-depth review and pros and cons list so you know everything you need to know about it.

As well as this, we have also created a helpful guide that will help you when it comes to buying your gun safe for your apartment, letting you know what features you should look out for. 

So if you are in the market for a new gun safe for your apartment, or you want to upgrade an existing one, this is the article for you! Keep on reading to find out more. 

Our top pick - awesafe Gun Safe

This Gun Safe by awesafe just had to be our top pick.

Here’s why: 

  • There is ample capacity for two handguns and ammunition
  • It is easily portable due to its lightweight and compact size 
  • It has biometric unlocking with a fingerprint for extra safety 
  • It opens quickly and quietly in the event of an emergency


The first gun safe on our list that we wanted to share with you is this super compact and portable safe from awesafe.

The manufacturer lists two options, but we have chosen the option that has a capacity for two handguns, as we think that it is better to have that little bit of extra room if needed.

There is also an option for capacity for one gun if that is more suited to you. The safe opens with biometric locking through fingerprint recognition, giving you peace of mind that only those who have registered their print will be able to open your safe. 

There is also room enough for extra ammunition, so you can keep your firearms and the associated accessories safe together in one place.

The safe has a gas strut and LED lighting which enables the safe to open quickly and quietly in the event of an emergency.

It is the perfect size for an apartment as it can be stored safely in a bedside cabinet, wardrobe, or even under your bed or other furniture to ensure that it is safely within reach but at the same time, is out of view from children and others.

It is well made and sturdy material, so you need not worry about the safe becoming easily damaged or people getting into the box. 


  • It has the capacity for two handguns as well as ammunition 
  • It can be stored and transported easily when needed as it is lightweight
  • It has biometric fingerprint locking to ensure no one but you can get inside 
  • When it opens it does so quickly and quietly for your safety


  • Some customers seem to have been sent faulty safes that have had issues with the biometric fingerprint scanner. If this happens you can contact the manufacturer for advice and/or a replacement 


Next up on our list of the best gun safes for your apartment we have the Gun Safe by RPNB.

This gun safe is yet another great choice if you are looking for something compact and portable that does not compromise on safety and security. 

This safe, like the first choice on our list, also has the capabilities to open using fingerprint reading, reassuring you that only you and those family members who you have set up with a fingerprint can get into it.

It has a three-point entry system as well as featuring rapid open in those emergencies where you need to get in right away. It also has manual keys as well as a keypad to enter a code should you wish to open it in this way.

The safe is made from super sturdy steel and it can be stored with ease in even the most compact apartment or room.

It can be fixed to the floor or furniture if needed, making it a great choice for an anti-theft safe as well as a gun safety safe.

It has ample room for two good sized handguns, and can even easily fit extra ammunition and accessories if needed. 


  • 3 point unlock for extra safety, as well as having the capability to open rapidly in the event of an emergency 
  • It can be fixed if needed for extra reassurance and to deter thieves from stealing the whole safe 
  • It is big enough to fit in two good-sized handguns plus ammo
  • The sturdy steel material is pry resistant


  • Some customers have said that the fingerprint scanner can be unreliable, producing false negatives. After 3 false negatives, the safe goes into lockdown mode for 5 minutes which could cause an issue in an emergency


Next up we have the QAP2EL Gun Safe by SentrySafe.

This gun safe is a roomy choice that is amply big enough for two guns and even features a handy LED interior light so you don’t need to fumble around in the dark in the middle of an emergency.

It has whisper quiet compression and a silent opening, ensuring safety is key.

Unlike others on the list, it is not fingerprinted unlockable but it does feature a silent keypad for you to set up your quick opening code.

It is the perfect compact size for a bedside table or cabinet. The safe is battery operated, and so you should keep in mind that the batteries will need to be high quality and checked often to ensure that the safe works adequately.

There is also the option to buy it without the backlight, or even a smaller capacity to fit just one gun which is ideal for traveling.  

It is made from solid steel and is also said to be pry resistant so that no one can get in unless they have the code. 


  • Handy interior LED light to ensure that you can see exactly what you are doing even in the dark in the middle of an emergency 
  • It has ample room for two handguns 
  • It is compact enough to fit in any bedside cabinet 
  • The strong, sturdy steel is pry resistant 


  • It does not have biometric fingerprint locking which may put off some customers who prefer the ease and rapidness of fingerprint opening. That being said, the passcode unlock is also relatively quick and silent 


Next on our list, we have the Biometric Gun Safe by BillConch. We liked this one because it had a total of four different ways to unlock it, including opening it via a Bluetooth app on your phone.

The Bluetooth app can store your passcode for it too, so you will never forget it. These different unlocking methods ensure that you have complete control and access to your firearms amid an emergency.

It can also be opened manually with keys, with a fingerprint, or with a code. It has a fast recognition time when using the fingerprint, so you know you can get in with ease even in the middle of a break-in.

It is made from alloy steel and carbon steel, ensuring the safe is durable and strong. The door also opens quietly for discreet use.


  • Controlled with an app for ease of use and another way to unlock 
  • 4 unlocking methods to suit whatever you need - rapid unlock is there in case of an emergency 
  • The material is strong and sturdy to deter break-ins to the safe 
  • Quiet open door for discreet use


  • As with some of the other models listed here, the fingerprint reader has been defective for some customers 
  • Some customers have found the app hard to work 


For many people, the rifle is the firearm of preference over the handgun. Rifles are of course much bigger, and so they are harder to store discreetly, especially in an apartment.

This rifle safe by Barska may just be your perfect solution. Its long thin shape makes it perfect to hide away in a corner, behind furniture, or in a wardrobe.

You can fit a number of rifles in there, and it also has a storage shelf for a handgun and some ammunition. It is made from sturdy steel and has a pry resistant seal meaning no one can get into it.

It has biometric locking that can be opened in seconds with the scan of a fingerprint. The opening and unlocking are also silent to ensure discretion in an emergency.

The safe can be mounted if you wish, and you can olt it down in your wardrobe or storage space. 


  • It can store up to 4 rifles plus a handgun and ammunition at the top on the storage shelf 
  • It boasts silent and fast fingerprint unlocking 
  • It can be bolted to the ground or in a wardrobe, or even mounted in you wish 
  • It is made from very strong sturdy steel that is pry resistant and features manual bolts to keep your kids and intruders out


  • If your rifles have scope then it may be harder to fit in the full capacity. Some customers even reported their bigger rifles not fitting at all. Make sure to check the measurements of your rifles against that of the safe first 
  • The fingerprint system can be a little temperamental according to some customers

Best Gun Safe for Apartment Buying Guide

Weight of the gun safe 

More often than not, apartments tend to be on a floor above the ground level. Even if the apartment is just on the first floor of an apartment block it is very important that you not place anything on the floors or walls that could be too heavy or compromise the building’s structural safety.

You should choose a gun safe that has as low a weight as possible for your needs. Some heavy duty safes for holding guns and other valuables can weigh hundreds, even thousands of pounds, these will be unsafe for your apartment so choose something far lighter.

The actual weight will, of course, depend on your needs. Out of the items we have chosen, you are bound to find one with a weight that suits you. 

Capacity - how many guns can be held in the gun safe?

Consider the number of firearms and guns you have before purchasing a gun safe. If you just have one small handgun, you will not need a big rifle sized gun safe.

Likewise, if you have a rifle and a number of smaller firearms, you will need a safe that is big enough to house them all safely. It is good to keep in mind here that if you have several bigger firearms, you may need several gun safes.

That could start to weigh a lot, so perhaps it would be worth downsizing your gun collection if you are living in an apartment and only keeping what you need.

All of the gun safes on our list will have room enough for a gun stock ranging from one or two small guns to one large rifle and some smaller models. 

Security - how do you get into the safe?

It needs to be safe enough to keep out the prying hands and eyes of children, it needs to be secure enough that anyone did ever enter your home united, they couldn’t run off with the guns, or worse still, use them.

You should ensure that it has adequate locking, requiring a code at the very least, but if possible, choose a gun safe with a biometric locking feature that can be opened by a fingerprint.

You should also make sure that the materials that the gun safe is made from are solid and cannot be easily damaged and opened by someone else. Make sure the safe is durable, sturdy, secure, and if possible, easy to conceal.

Having a safe that is easy to conceal, perhaps in a drawer or wardrobe or under your bed gives you that extra peace of mind that the gun safe will not be out in full view. The last thing you want is for your gun safe to be front and center, making it really obvious what may be inside. 

Portability - can you easily transport it around with you if you move apartments

Consider whether you will need your gun safe to be able to be transported easily. If you are someone who moves around a lot or perhaps you have an apartment in another city or state for work purposes, you may need to take your gun safe with you when you leave.

Having a heavy gun safe that you have to lug around with you every time you move, or even leave for a long period is not ideal, as not only will it be heavy and awkward to carry, but it may also put you in danger as it could be obvious what you are carrying.

This links a little to the section about the weight of the gun safe, but as well as the weight of the storage, also consider how easy it will be to transport. It could be as light as a feather, but if it is tall and thin it may not be as easy to conceal or move about safely.

Likewise, a small gun safe that may only be big enough for one small gun may weigh far heavier because of the materials it is made from. Also, consider making allowances for any extra weight due to the guns being in there when you are transporting it on your moves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a gun safe? 

Simply put, a gun safe is one of the best things you can do to protect your family from getting hold of dangerous firearms, especially younger children or vulnerable adults.

It can stop any burglars from getting hold of your firearms too, which is especially important if they break in while you are not at home or are asleep. Having a gun safe means giving you the reassurance that they are safely locked away in a place that only you can get to. 

Is it a legal requirement to have a gun safe?

Federal law does not state that you must have a gun safe to keep your firearms in. However, they do stipulate that guns that are being stored ready to be sold in shops and warehouses must be locked away.

That being said, some states have their own laws on gun regulation. For a better understanding of your states’ gun laws, you should check for yourself with the authorities. Most states, however, just follow the guidelines set by the Government (i.e. Federal Law). 

Does my gun safe need a dehumidifier? 

Again, this is not a legal requirement, but we strongly suggest that you get a dehumidifier for your gun safe. If possible, an electric dehumidifier should be considered.

This is an especially important consideration to make if you live in an area of the US that is exposed to more moisture.

Protecting your firearms, and indeed, the gun safe, from mildew, mold, and moisture should be considered just as important as protecting them from burglars and keeping your children out of there. 


We hope that by now you can see that when it comes to keeping guns, safety is paramount. There is no question whether you need a gun safe. The answer to that is always going to be yes. What you need to decide is what type of gun safe you are going to choose. 

This article has given you five different options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a gun safe for your home, as well as providing you with a very handy and informative Buyers’ Guide on what features to look for and what consideration to make when you are buying one. 

Above all, please remember to be safe, and ensure that gun safes can keep out children, vulnerable adults, and anybody else you don’t want going near there. You have made the right choice in considering buying a gun safe, now make sure that you choose the best gun safe possible. 

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