Best Gun Cleaning Kit

You want your firearms to be clean and functional, and that means you’re going to need a gun cleaning kit. Having a well-maintained firearm ensures that you won’t waste a morning stalking elk or boar only to have your gun jam at the most crucial of moments.

But how do you decide which gun kit to get? Hopefully, this page can help, since we’ve gathered some examples of gun cleaning kits for you to check out. 

There are five in total, and they cover a variety of needs since no gun cleaning kit is made equal. If our suggestions don’t hit the target or you already have a kit in mind, perhaps our buyers’ guide can help.

There we have a selection of features and properties that we think are essential in a gun kit, so you can use the guide to judge other kits you find in your online travels and see if they’re worth your time and money.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit

In a Hurry?

Speaking of time, if you just want our best gun kit suggestion then look no further. We have it right here, it being the FIREGEAR Universal Cleaning Kit.

The hint’s in the name, this is a universal gun cleaning kit that can cater to handguns, shotguns, and rifles alike, making it a natural contender for the most convenient gun case you can get if you’re sporting multiple, different firearms.

See why else we liked it in the points below:

  • The FIREGEAR Universal is Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in the gun jag category, but rest assured that’s not all it’s packing. It also has rods, brushes, mops, muzzle guards, cleaning patches, and two empty bottles for oil storage.
  • Thirteen jags cover most calibers and bullets for handguns, shotguns, and rifles from .22 to .50 Cal, all of them made from professional-grade brass.
  • Comes in a portable, neat, and durable carry case along with a two-year guarantee for breakages or defects that aren’t your fault.


The FIREGEAR Universal Cleaning Kit is the all-in-one gun maintenance package for those who have multiple types or calibers of firearms.

If you only have one old reliable that you keep in the bedside drawer, then maybe a smaller kit is best for you, but if you have more than one gun that needs cleaning this is the best choice for you.

We’re confident in saying that because it’s the best choice for many others too, this kit being Amazon’s #1 Bestseller where gun jag searches are concerned.

Gun jags are only a small part of this cleaning kit, however, as it comes with everything you need to keep your firearm perfectly functional. It also has a low skill ceiling to use, meaning beginners won’t have to do as much homework to figure out how to use the tools in this kit.

The kit’s accessibility doesn’t mean the tools within aren’t professional-grade, since each jag and tip is made from solid brass that has been shaped with precision machinery that the premium brands use.

There are thirteen of those brass jags for bores of every size, along with four brass tips, nine ops, a total of seventeen brushes, three muzzle guards, three adapters, fifty cleaning patches, and two empty oil bottles that you can fill with your favorite gun lubricant.

All of this gear needs somewhere to live, and that’ll be in the carrying case that this kit retails with. You can get it in green or black, and it has inlaid compartments for each, and every component mentioned above.

This keeps everything neat, and the case itself is lightweight but durable so you shouldn’t have any problems if this thing falls off the back of your truck.

Speaking of durability, the fact most components are made from professional brass makes this the efficient option, since you can clean your gun confidently without fearing that a jag or rod could break inside the barrel of your firearm, as can happen when you use plastic.

If you’re still the paranoid type, and we don’t blame you, then maybe this kit’s two-year guarantee for manufacturer defects will put you at ease. If you’re not to blame for a breakage, you can get a replacement or refund, easy as that.

It's worth mentioning what calibers the thirteen jags cover so you can understand how comprehensive this kit is, so check it all out!

With this kit, you’ll be covered if you shoot smaller calibers like .22/.221/.223/.224/5.7mm/.225 or .35/.356/.357/.38/9mm, as well as some of the less common loads like 17/4.39mm/5mm/.20/.204, .240/.243/6mm/6.17mm, or .25/6.35mm/6.5mm/.26 and .270/6.8mm/.280/7mm.

Larger calibers like .44/.444, .45/.455, 10mm/.40/.416, .30/7.62mm/7.63mm/.307/7.82mm/.308 also have corresponding jags, and 8mm/.32/.325/.338 and 9.5mm/.375 are also covered, as are .50-cal monstrosities if you’re lucky enough to own one of those.


  • A #1 Amazon Bestselling kit that has all the maintenance needs for most firearm types, all while being greenhorn friendly.
  • Professional-grade maintenance accessories such as a range of jags, brushes, rods, mops, and muzzle guards.
  • The components of this kit are made with durable quality brass for a quick, confident, and efficient clean since you’re not worried about the rods breaking.
  • Thirteen jags cover most calibers you’ll come across.
  • Two-year guarantee for manufacturer defects that are out of your control.
  • All arranged in a portable and orderly carry case that you can bring anywhere.


  • The small empty oil bottles this kit comes with can leak, so we’d recommend taping them up for extra security or replacing them entirely.


Next, we have a gun cleaning kit from one of the top brands that supply them, Otis Technology, or Otis for short.

Let’s get this out of the way, being from one of the more premium and recognizable brands you can buy from, this is the cleaning kit you get if you have more money to spend. 

That kit is the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit, a compact but capable package that promises a unique Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning experience.

This USA-made kit comes with all you’d expect from a cleaning set, all the jags, patches, and rods, and twenty-two bore brushes all made from durable bronze.

For the price, this is the minimum you’d expect, and you can click through to see everything the kit comes with. We’re more interested in what this kit does differently from our number one option, why would you get this one instead of the kit above?

The simple answer is you get more. First of all, the caliber range is ever so slightly widened as this kit can clean firearms that fire tiny .17 plinkers.

In all, it can clean more than forty calibers. It also comes with six distinct memory flex cables that are coated in nylon, so they’re easier to work with, especially since they’ll adapt and become accustomed to the boreholes of your favorite firearms.

It also has a lens cleaning kit accompanying the traditional cleaning kit setup too. This is great if you’re a hunter with a scoped rifle who doesn’t want to have a separate kit aside for cleaning your sighting instruments.

The materials from this kit can also be used for simple things like glasses or binocular lenses, or more technical gear like laser sights or rangefinder devices. The two bottles that come with this gun cleaning kit are also full of Otis’ own O85 Ultra Bore Solvent, so you don’t need to supply your own.

As we’ve said, this all comes in a compact, zipper-locked bag made from great nylon. Some prefer softer bags to rigid plastic ones, so it may be a matter of preference or dependent on where this kit’s going to be stored.

The bag also has a shoulder strap for easy, hands-free carrying.


  • A compact but potent kit from a premium USA brand that promises over 200 gun cleaning components.
  • Comes with six nylon-coated memory flex cables that’ll morph to the bores of your favorite guns.
  • Caters to more than forty firearms calibers, from .17mm to .50mm.
  • Lens cleaning kit keeps your scope sight clear, perfect for you hunters out there
  • Comes with two 5-ounce Otis 085 Ultra Bore solvent, no need to buy your own.
  • A high-quality nylon carry bag houses everything and is very durable.


  • The most expensive gun cleaning kit on our list.


Coming in at the midpoint of our list is a cleaning kit with a bit of class, the OUTERS 28-Piece Unisex Gun Clean Box.

That box is an aesthetically pleasing oak-aged wooden box, easily more attractive than the practical plastic or nylon that the first two cleaning kits we’ve reviewed have. 

The kit itself is best for handguns, too, so this should be your first choice if you need a pistol cleaning kit that won’t be seeing much action outside.

It’s perfect for hobbyist shooting or keeping self-defense firearms clean and ready for action.

The box may look nice and be made from strong wood but matters most is what’s inside the box.

There you’ll find five cleaning jags, two solid brass rods, a nylon cleaning tip, pick, and brush, eight other brushes, five mops for absorbing moisture, fifty cleaning patches, and a shotgun adapter.

Why is there a shotgun adapter? We said the kit is best for handgun use, but it can do just fine for hunting guns if they need cleaning. 

For a small kit, it’s quite comprehensive. All the equipment above with cover most calibers above .22, though again we’d recommend this kit if you have a pistol that needs taking care of.

It has a lot packed into it despite its small size, making it a steal for the price it commonly sells at.

Add in the fact that it has an instructional booklet inside that teaches you how everything works, and you have a perfect beginner kit to go along with someone’s first gun.


  • A classy wooden-boxed cleaning kit that’s ideal for handguns.
  • A small but comprehensive kit including jags, rods, tips, picks, brushes, patches, and an adapter for hunting guns.
  • Its components cover many calibers, from .22 to the larger caliber guns you may find yourself using.
  • The included instruction booklet makes this an ideal beginner kit.
  • A great deal for the price it retails at.


  • A more delicate case than more practical designs.


If you liked the look of the last cleaning kit but wanted an industry name attached to it, we’d recommend Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit.

If you’re not new to cleaning firearms, you’ve probably heard of Hoppe’s since they’re one of the biggest names out there right now.

Like with all big brands, you’ll have to pay extra for the name attached to this kit, but it is packed with tools to justify its price tag.

Like the first two cleaning kits we reviewed, this is a great option for universal gun cleaning.

 It can manage the standard cleaning process of most guns that people are packing today, from .22 to .30 caliber rifles, .38 caliber pistols, and 20 to 12 gauge shotgun shells.

It doesn’t have tools for some of the larger calibers out there but those aren’t as common as the ones this kit can handle, so no harm no foul, this will serve your average .38 just fine.

Inside the kit is a small but versatile selection of tools, featuring five phosphor bronze bushes for different gun types along with a three-piece rod and four slotted ends.

It should be said that it doesn’t have enough to fully clean a shotgun, nor does it have pieces for the more common pistol calibers like 9mm or .45.

As far as secondary components go, the kit comes with Hoppe’s No. 9’s well-reviewed lubrication and solvent as well as their own branded Guide to Gun Care booklet.

This is great for those who are learning gun cleaning and need some pointers on how to get the job done.


  • A wooden case cleaning kit from one of the industry’s more reputable brands.
  • It’s a universal kit that can tackle the most common gun calibers out there.
  • Contains a 3-piece brass rod, 4 slotted ends, and 5 phosphor bronze brushes.
  • Comes with its own Hoppe’s No. 9 lubrication.
  • Includes Hoppe’s Guide to Gun Care booklet, perfect for learners.


  • Lacks enough components to fully clean shotguns.
  • Doesn’t cover as many calibers as other kits in this list, including 9mm and .45.


Our last cleaning kit is for those of you who want one of the most portable yet useful cleaning kits on the market right now, and that’d be the Tactical Cleaning Clam Package from Otis.

We featured another Otis cleaning kit in second place, so if you liked the look of that but would prefer it to be more portable, this might be your best bet.

Inside that small clam are six bronze bore brushes that are specific to six types of firearm and decked out with Tufcor wiring that twists more while being corrosive resistant.

With them are small and large patch savers, small and large obstruction removers, small, large, and shotgun slotted tips and a thread connector for added versatility.

With the tactical clam comes a small tube of Otis’ Bio CLP. It’s only 0.5 fluid ounces, but when the liquid inside acts as a protectant, lubricant, and cleaner all at once, it’s a very handy thing to have when cleaning your favorite firearm out on the trail.


  • A small but space-efficient tactical “clam” that houses the essential gun cleaning components, great for outdoorsmen.
  • Features six bronze bore brushes that are specific to caliber and have corrosive-resistant Tufcor wiring.
  • Also has large and small patch savers, obstruction removers, slotted tips, and a thread connector.
  • Comes with a 0.5 fluid ounce tube of Otis’ Bio CLP, an all-in-one lubricant, protectant, and cleaner.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

We’ve written this buyers’ guide for those who want to learn more about gun cleaning kits, or more specifically what to look for when you’re trying to buy one. If you already have a kit in mind, you can also run it past our criteria to see if it holds up.

It all depends on what you’re looking for, of course, but you might identify a problem area if you give this a read.

There’s a lot that goes into a gun cleaning kit, as you can imagine. Because of this, our buyers’ guide is split into the properties of gun cleaning you may want from a kit. That way it’s easier for us to break down what you should look for, and easier for you to find it

What’s In a Gun Cleaning Kit?

Before that, though, let’s run through the basics of a gun cleaning kit. If your ideal kit doesn’t at least have most of these, don’t buy it! Every gun cleaning kit should have an assortment of the following:

First, you’ll need a cleaning rod since that’s what most of the components of a cleaning kit will connect to, obviously. You didn’t think you’d have to stick your finger down there, did you?

It should have bronze bushes, the number will vary depending on your kit, but they’re for passing down the barrel and removing the carbon buildup that occurs from firing your weapon. Material quality can differ, so check customer reviews to see if anyone’s having problems.

You can also get nylon brushes for more sensitive areas, but they only tend to come with larger kits.

Cleaning jags, patch holders, and cleaning patches are also a must. Jags are brass or nickel implements that are used to push cleaning patches into the barrel. The best jags are brass or nickel since they won’t scratch the bore surface inside.

Patches are held in place by patch holders, and they may or may not come with your kit. They’re inexpensive to buy, so if a kit is good enough you can consider one when it hasn’t got patches.

Cotton swabs and double-sided brushes may also come with your kit for cleaning the interior and exterior.

Cleaning swabs, otherwise called gun mops, are usually made from cotton and remove any residue left on your gun barrel after cleaning. You don’t want to clean your gun but leave residue and grease all over it, you’ll want these to clean up after yourself.

Caliber Size

This one should be obvious. When looking for a gun cleaning kit, try to make sure it matches your gun.

If a kit hasn’t got its calibers listed somewhere, ignore it, it’s not worth the time or the risk. Always check the fine print!

Tool Quality

The single best way to tell the quality of a product without getting your hands on it is to read customer reviews, simple as that.

If a bore brush started crumbling soon after the purchase, you’d best believe someone’s left a review warning people just like yourself away.

Case Quality

You’d be surprised how often it’s the tool case that’s at fault as opposed to the cleaning implements themselves.

Always take into account the case, and know what kind of case you want. Most are either heavy-duty plastic, rugged nylon, or hardwood.

Ease of Use

Are you a beginner, or just suffer from an unsteady hand? Whichever one it is, sometimes ease of use will be important for buying a kit.

A kit isn’t that useful if you can’t use it, right? Look for kits with guides that might help you during operation, many kits stock them.

Otherwise, a gun vise might help, and there are so many videos online you can watch to learn how to better clean guns for free.

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