Best Gun Case for Air Travel

If you have a gun or other firearm, you might at some point want to take it with you when traveling on an airplane.

The problem is, air travel is extremely strict and has many specific regulations and rules that control what is and what isn’t allowed on board. 

If you mix that with the controls and regulations around gun safety, it’s normal to doubt whether you can even air travel with your gun at all.

Luckily, there’s a way in which your gun is allowed on an airplane: if it’s in an appropriate gun case.

When we say an appropriate gun case, we’re referring to gun cases that meet the specific air travel requirements, which are mainly to be TSA Approved, to be hard-sided, and to be able to be securely locked so that nobody else has access to the gun within the case. 

It is really important that you choose your gun safe carefully and that you 100% ensure that it meets the air traveling requirements. Otherwise, you will be left at the airport, unable to board unless you leave your gun behind (less than ideal!)

The good news is that there are plenty of different gun cases available in the market, with loads of options to choose from to ensure you purchase the one that is most suited to your gun, your needs, and your personal preferences.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top five picks for the overall best gun cases for air travel. You can therefore easily choose from our high-quality selection!

In a hurry?

The only way possible in which you can air travel with your gun is to carry it in a gun safe that meets the airline requirements.

You should ensure that it is TSA approved, but also that it is high quality and will keep your gun well protected and safe during the long travel!

There can be a lot of factors to consider, so if you’re in a hurry to get the best possible gun case for air travel we recommend you check out our number one top pick: the Flambeau Outdoors Store Tactical Gun case. 

The Flambeau Outdoors Store is family run since 1947 and offers some of the highest quality hunting and shooting products, including the Tactical Gun Case.

With rugged construction, the case is made from a hard plastic exterior that is more than capable of protecting the firearm from impact and damage. The interior features foam padding that insulates against shock and any other form of damage that might occur during travel.

This case features Zerust Anti-Corrosion technology that protects the metal from rust, with guaranteed protection of at least 5 years. There are 4 separate locking points, ensuring a completely secure closure throughout transport and storage.

It also includes magazine storage dividers, and a velcro gun to secure the firearm in place within the case. It is completely TSA Approved, making it the perfect choice for air travel! 

Here are the main features:

  • Family-owned company - high-quality and reliable
  • Hard plastic exterior - impact protection
  • Interior foam padding - shock resistant
  • Zerust Anti-Corrosion Technology
  • 4 locking points, magazine storage dividers, and velcro straps
  • TSA Approved


Flambeau Outdoors is a family-owned company that has been producing hunting and shooting sports products since they were founded in 1947.

They put a lot of care into their products, so it is no wonder that the Tactical Gun Case they offer meets the highest standards of high-quality.

This case has a rugged construction, with a hard plastic exterior that protects your firearm from impacts.

The interior foam padding insulates against shock, and adds extra support and protection, ensuring your gun is 100% safe and protected as you journey. 

It features Zerust Anti-Corrosion Technology that forms a protective layer over the metal to help avoid the formation of any rust, with the protection lasting a minimum of five years.

The design features four separate locking points, for a completely safe closure during both transport and storage.

It also includes 10-inch x 13-inch magazine storage dividers, as well as velcro straps to secure both the guns and the magazines inside the case. 

The full dimensions of this case are 40x12x4 inches. The case also meets TSA requirements and is therefore completely safe and apt for air travel. 


  • Family-owned company - high-quality and reliable
  • Hard plastic exterior - impact protection
  • Interior foam padding - shock resistant
  • Zerust Anti-Corrosion Technology
  • 4 locking points, magazine storage dividers, and velcro straps
  • TSA Approved


  • Not weather resistant


The Plano Store All Weather Gun Case is an old favorite for many customers and has been time-tested as an all-time popular and highly recommended product.

It has now been upgraded to be up to date with all the requirements while maintaining the ever-loved features.

It has a hard-sided exterior that helps protect your firearm from impact, as well as keeping it safe from any other type of damage and the weather elements.

The upgraded look is all about functionality, with a sturdy handle to aid in transportation. The pluck-to-fit foam it features is great for absorbing any shocks, and it continues an airtight seal with pressure relief.

With this gun case, you can rest assured that the gun is 100% secure. For enhanced safety, this gun case comes with a soft look floating bristle arrow retainer, to keep the firearm from dry-firing.

The product also includes string and rail lube wax. The dual-stage lockable latches ensure that the gun case remains closed all throughout the journey, and the product is completely TSA Approved.


  • Highly popular product - high-quality
  • Protection from impact, damage, and weather conditions
  • Pluck-to-fit foam for an airtight seal with a pressure relief
  • Dual-stage lockable latches
  • String and rail lube wax included
  • TSA Approved


  • Despite the watertight seal, the case is not 100% waterproof


The SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box HandGun Case is one of the sturdiest and safest gun cases for air travel, making it one of the most recommended and used.

This gun case is made from 16-inch gauge steel, making it extremely strong and completely pry-resistant.

An enamel system further enhances its strength and protection, as your firearm is completely secured in this case throughout the entire journey and air travel.

The interior of the case features four layers of foam that efficiently absorbs any shocks, and protects the gun from scratches or other forms of damage that can occur during travel.

This case also comes with a solid steel cable that can be attached and secured to a stationary object, meaning it can’t be just taken away. 

It offers 100% protection and security, which is why it is so favored by airlines. It locks with a key so that only you can open it back up.

The design is compact and small enough for convenience while traveling but still fits a hand pistol quite nicely. It is completely TSA Approved and ideal for your travels. 


  • Extremely strong and sturdy - made from gauge steel
  • 4 layers of foam for shock absorption and protection
  • Solid steel cable for added security
  • Key locking system
  • Small and compact - highly convenient for travel
  • TSA Approved


  • Steel cable is not as secure as advertised


If you air travel quite regularly, you’ll be needing a gun case that is a lot more durable than average, that is why the Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Hard Gun Case might be the product just for you.

It is constructed of carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene. It is crush-resistant, as it distributes any pressure over the entirety of the surface, to avoid it from breaking, which comes in very handy during air travel.

It is also protected from impact and shocks, keeping your firearm safe and secure, free of any traveling damage.

Designed for military and law enforcement, this case has a double-latch system with two locking lugs for a firm and consistent seal that will keep your firearm 100% secure.

It comes with four foam pieces and can fit some of the largest handguns, as it is bigger than the average gun case.

The outer case is water-resistant, UV-resistant, dust-resistant, and made to last for a long time, as this is a highly durable product. (It also floats in water!

So, you know, if the plane crashes in the water at least it won’t be lost to the depths of the sea.) It has been rigorously tested and is TSA Approved, ideal for air travel. 


  • Highly durable - water-resistant, UV-resistant, dust-resistant, and floats in water
  • Constructed of carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene
  • Interior foam, able to withstand pressure and impact
  • Double latch system with two locking lugs and consistent seal
  • TSA Approved


  • Hinges aren’t as durable as the rest of the product


The Daoe Lockable Hard Pistol Gun Case is another great choice that is suitable for air travel.

The hard-shelled case is both water-resistant and crush-resistant, giving your gun the protection needed to keep it safe and secure throughout the journey.

The interior features two layers of high-density foam, meaning you can adjust the firearm to the position you prefer it in, allowing the case to adapt to the size and shape of the gun to perfection.

It has been designed to be compact and easy to transport and store, while still being able to fit automatics and scoped revolvers with barrels measuring 6 inches or less.

It is highly durable and offers a high standard of protection so that no damage comes to your firearm.

It is also completely TSA Approved and ideal for air travel, with its small size being highly convenient and comfortable to carry around. 


  • Water-resistant and crush-resistant
  • 2 layers of high-density foam
  • Compact design, very easy to transport
  • Fits automatics and revolvers with barrels of 6-inches or less
  • TSA Approved


  • Does not lock as well as other gun cases 

Best Gun Case for Air Travel Buying Guide

Buying a gun case for air travel requires some research, as you have to 100% make sure that the gun safe you choose meets the air traveling requirements, or else your gun won’t be allowed on the airplane.

The main rules for a gun case to be suitable for air travel is that it has to be TSA Approved, it has to be hard-sided, and it has to be lockable for safety and security reasons.

However, as well as meeting the very basic requirements, you should choose a gun case that meets your own needs and personal preferences, as well as ensuring that it is high-quality and durable, to keep your gun protected and undamaged throughout the journey.

There are a few factors that you should consider when scouting for the perfect gun case, which we’ve summarized in this small buyer’s guide:

Size and design

When looking to buy a gun case for air travel, it’s important that you take into account the design and the size.

It’s vital that your gun or other firearm fits into the case securely and safely, or if you have multiple firearms that they all fit without straining the case, so check those measurements!

Some gun cases have a compact design that allows them to be smaller and more ideal for transportation and storage, but they should still be able to fit your firearm without struggling! 

As part of the design, it’s good if the case includes a sturdy handle for easier transportation too. 

Exterior protection

It is vital that the gun case you buy is hard-sided, as that is one of the main requirements for it to be allowed onto the airplane for air travel.

You should also then choose a case that is as resistant as possible, to properly protect your gun throughout the journey. Look out for protection against impact and other damages, as well as weather resistance to keep your firearm well shielded from the weather elements.

Another thing that comes in extremely handy for air travel, is crush-resistance, as baggage tends to get piled up and your case might end up under some heavy suitcases! 

Durability is also a must, especially for more regular travelers. Look out for strong, sturdy, and long-lasting materials.

Interior protection

The interior protection isn’t regulated for air travel, but it is just as important as the exterior protection when it comes to keeping your firearm as safe as possible.

Check how many layers of foam it has, and what type of foam it is. For example, if it is high-density foam, your firearm will not only be highly protected and insulated, it will also fit securely as the foam will perfectly adapt to its size and shape to keep it in place throughout the journey. 

The higher quality the inner protection is, the less chance of ending up with scratches on your guns!

Locking system

It is absolutely vital that your gun case has a good and reliable locking system that can keep your case securely locked and closed throughout the entire journey.

Not only for yourself and to keep your gun secure, but because the airline will not let you check in the gun safe unless it can be securely locked without the risk of it being opened. 

There are many different types of locking systems, from latches to keys, so you can choose whichever you prefer the most.

However, you need to 100% make sure that the closure is absolutely secure and that it will not be easily opened. Some gun cases for air travel also include an airtight seal, which is something worth keeping an eye out for. 

It is good to look for gun cases that have been designed for military or police law enforcement, as they tend to be some of the most secure and recommended for travel. 

TSA Approval

As we’ve mentioned, it is vital that your gun case is TSA Approved in order for it to meet the necessary requirements for air travel. 

Always check the product description, as that is where it will be indicated whether or not it is TSA Approved.

If it is hard-sided and has a good locking system, chances are it will be TSA Approved, but it’s important that you make sure nevertheless. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fly with my firearm as checked luggage?

The answer to this is yes. In fact, the only way you can fly with your firearm is by having it as checked luggage. Furthermore, the only way you can check it in as luggage is if it is transported in a hard-sided, TSA Approved, locked gun case. 

You also need to declare the firearm to the airline company when checking in so that they are aware. You should also take into account that if the locks of the case are easily opened, it won’t be admitted, as they need to ensure safety above all. 

Can I fly with two guns in the same case?

According to TSA regulations, it is completely okay to travel with multiple firearms within the same case. This is as long as they fit securely within the case and the case can still be securely locked. 

However, you should also check the specific regulations and rules of each individual airline company, as they might vary. 

What does TSA Approved mean?

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration, and it is the department of homeland security that holds authority over the traveling public in the United States.

Being TSA Approved means that something or someone is approved for public travel, as the safety requirements have been met and complied with. 

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