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As a responsible gun owner, it is crucial to ensure that you have all the equipment and accessories required to use and carry your gun safely. 

One such accessory, which is often overlooked when it comes to gun ownership, is a gun belt. 

A gun belt will allow you to comfortably carry your handgun in such a way that it remains inconspicuous, yet easily accessible, should the need arise. 

If you’ve just acquired a gun and are looking for the best gun belt for carrying, you’ve come to the right place! 

Our list of the 5 best gun belts on the market will help you to get the most effective, highest quality product for your money.

Meanwhile, our tailored buyers guide and FAQ section will provide you with all the additional information you need to make the best choice for your carrying needs.

Note: concealed carry is legal in the majority of the United States. However, please do your due diligence and check your individual state’s gun laws. 

Need to shoot off? No problem! Check out of top pick:

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

  • Handmade in the USA 
  • Made from full-grain US leather 
  • Durable, anti-sag construction 
  • Available in multiple colors and textures 
  • Wide range of sizes

Top 5 Best Gun Belts


Relentless Tactical is one of the most popular US brands for tactical and concealed carry gun accessories. 

The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt is, like all of Relentless Tactical’s products, made in the USA with high-quality US leather. 

This stylish gun belt is available in black or brown color options and can be purchased in either a stitched or basket-weave texture. Size options range from size 28 to 48 pants.

This belt has been designed for maximum durability, using full-grain leather and employing a construction that is resistant to bending and sagging. 

These features mean that you can trust Relentless Tactical’s Ultimate Concealed Carry Gun Belt to provide strong and sturdy support for your firearm. 


  • Handmade with US full-grain leather
  • Multiple color and texture options
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Durable, anti-sag construction 


  • Reported inconsistencies in thickness between sizes


Fairwin’s Tactical, Military-Style Belt is suitable for a variety of gun-carrying purposes, from military use to hunting. 

This gun belt has been designed with practicality and comfort in mind. 

The breathable, webbed nylon material is both environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear. 

Meanwhile, the heavy-duty metal alloy buckle enhances the durability and practicality of this belt. The convenient quick-release function is easy to use with the push-down tabs, which have the ability to securely re-lock in the event that only one tab is engaged. 

This belt is available in a variety of colors, including black, tan, camo, and green. The sizes range from Small to XXL and cater to waist sizes from 30 inches through to 54 inches.


  • Versatile
  • Made from breathable, comfortable, environmentally friendly nylon
  • Heavy-duty, metal alloy buckle
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Quick-release function
  • Secure re-locking function
  • Wide range of sizes 


  • Not ideal for concealed carry


This heavy-duty, quick-released EDC belt from Wolf Tactical is a practical and reliable choice for concealed carrying. 

Wolf Tactical has designed this belt not to bend or stretch under the weight of your holster or magazines, so you can trust that it will serve you well for a long time. 

The belt is made from 2 layers of rip-resistant nylon for superior durability. The webbing has also been reinforced for extra rigidity. 

Wolf Tactical has incorporated a durable metal, quick-release buckle into the design of this belt, along with a velcro hook-and-loop system for added security. This means that while this belt is easy and convenient to remove, you can also be sure that it will stay securely fastened when you need it to be.

This belt comes in black, tan, or gray, and is available in sizes Small through to XXL (28 to 51 inches). There are no holes in the belt, which means it can be precisely adjusted to the perfect fit. 


  • 2-layer nylon construction
  • Bend and stretch-resistant
  • Metal, quick-release buckle
  • Velcro hook-and-loop system for security
  • Fully-adjustable
  • 3 colors available
  • 28 to 51-inch waist size range


  • Buckle may not fit through all belt loops


Relentless Tactical makes such great quality products, we couldn’t help but include another of their gun belts on our list. 

The Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt is similar to the Ultimate Conceal Carry belt, with one important variation. 

Like the Ultimate Conceal Carry, the Ultimate Steel Core belt is handmade in the USA and made from US leather. It is bend and sag-resistant, making it ideal for concealed carrying. 

However, this design also includes a spring steel core to increase the stiffness and durability of the product. This is a great feature to have in a gun belt because it allows you to carry your firearm with more support than ever.  

This belt is available in black or brown color options and can be purchased in pant sizes 28 through 48. 


  • Handmade from US leather
  • Bend and sag-resistant
  • Spring steel core for extra stiffness and durability
  • 2 colors available
  • Wide size range 


  • Reports of warping after months of use


Finally, POYOLEE’s Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt combines style and practicality for the regular concealed carrier. 

This belt is made from Italian, vegetable-tanned leather, stitched together with industrial-strength bonded thread, meaning that it is both stylish and highly durable. 

The design of this belt is very sturdy, measuring 1.5 inches in width with a 0.2-inch thickness. These dimensions, combined with the durability of the leather, mean that this belt is resistant to rolling, sagging, and stretching. 

Additionally, the heavy-duty roller buckle is solid and durable, meaning you can have complete peace of mind regarding the security of your gun belt. 

This belt is available for purchase in classic black, light brown, and dark brown color options. Sizes range from 30 to 46 inches in pant sizing, although actual measurements are 4 inches larger than the advertised pant size to allow for thickness and IWB carry. 


  • Made from high-quality Italian leather
  • Stitched with industrial-strength bonded thread
  • Thick design for sag and stretch-resistance
  • Heavy-duty roller buckle
  • 3 color options
  • 30-46 inch pant size range 


  • Some reported issues with incorrect sizing

Best Gun Belt Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen the best gun belts on the US market, it’s time to consider the individual features that will determine which one is right for you. 


First of all, you’ll need to establish what purpose you want your gun belt to serve. Will you be using it primarily on the shooting range? Is it for military or professional use? Are you going to be concealed carrying? 

The purpose for which you’ll be using your gun belt will help you to determine what features to look for. 

The main question to ask yourself here is whether or not you plan to conceal-carry. 

Concealed carry gun belts need to be designed quite specifically with this purpose in mind to ensure that the belt is both sturdy and inconspicuous enough to carry your firearm discreetly for extended periods of time. 

Therefore, if you are going to be carrying your gun with you on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to focus your search around belts that are specifically designed for this purpose.                                                                                                  


Once you’ve established what purpose your gun belt will be serving, you can start evaluating individual features accordingly. 

The first factor to consider in a gun belt, regardless of intended use, is the material. 

As you can see from the products featured on our list, there are two common materials used in the manufacture of gun belts: leather and nylon. 

There is some debate amongst gun owners and manufacturers as to whether nylon or leather is the best material for gun belts because each has its advantages and drawbacks. 

Nylon, of course, tends to be the more budget-friendly option, since high-quality leather can be very expensive. Nylon is also often more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain in terms of laundering. 

However, leather is often the favored material when it comes to concealed carrying because it is less susceptible to bending, sagging, and rolling. 

If you do want to use a nylon belt for concealed carrying, rest assured that these do exist and can be incredibly effective for this purpose. However, the nylon should ideally be double-layered for added stiffness.


In addition to the material of the gun belt, it’s important to consider the construction. 

The way in which a gun belt is constructed has the potential to significantly impact its longevity, durability, and effectiveness at fulfilling its purpose.

In terms of construction, there are a few key features to look for beyond the material which will help you to determine whether a belt will be suitable for carrying your firearm. 

The vertical rigidity of a leather belt can be greatly improved by the incorporation of a steel insert. The addition of a steel insert will help the belt to maintain its stiffness and will generally make the belt stronger and more durable. 

Additionally, the use of industrial-grade bonded thread and reinforced stitching is a good indication that a leather gun belt will be durable and long-lasting. 

In nylon gun belts, features such as reinforced webbing can help maintain structural integrity. As we’ve mentioned above, double layering can also help with this. 


All the gun belts featured on our list have buckle fastenings, but the type of buckle varies from belt to belt. 

There are two main types of buckles in gun belt construction: roller buckles and quick-release buckles. 

Your own individual preference is what will primarily dictate which buckle type is best suited to you. 

Roller buckles look most like the type of buckle you’d find on regular belts, so these are useful for concealed carrying because they are more inconspicuous. They also look more stylish, so if that is something that’s important to you, bear this in mind.

On the other hand, a quick-release belt, as its name suggests, is likely to be the best option for you if convenience is your priority. These belts use quick-release tabs that allow the belt to be unclipped very quickly. 

On some belts, these tabs also have the ability to re-lock themselves if only one tab is engaged, which is a great feature for security and peace of mind. 

For additional security in terms of your belt fastening, a hook-and-loop velcro system can be useful. The hook-and-loop keeps the running end of the belt securely in place to stop your belt from uncinching itself.

One potential issue with quick-release buckles, however, is that they tend to be a little larger than roller buckles. Therefore, quick-release buckles may not fit through all belt loops. 

If you’re going to be conceal-carrying, the size of your gun belt buckle may also present an issue. A belt buckle that is too big increases the risk of ‘printing’. Printing is when the shape of your firearm or other accessories is visible under your shirt, which can be a problem if you don’t want to advertise the fact that you’re armed. 

Therefore, for concealed carrying, we recommend opting for a more streamlined roller buckle, as featured on most leather gun belts. 


The fit of a gun belt is extremely important for both comfort and safety reasons. 

Sizing can be complicated when it comes to gun belts because additional room often needs to be left to allow for factors such as thickness and, of course, the firearm and accessories you’ll be carrying. 

When determining the right gun belt size for you, the first thing you’ll need to be aware of is your standard pant size. 

Once you’ve established this, you’ll need to look closely at the size guide provided in the product information by the manufacturer. 

Some size guides will simply run from Small to XL, for example, and list the appropriate waist measurements for each size. In this case, the process will be relatively simple. 

However, other manufacturers will list the standard pant size measurement alongside the actual, larger measurement of the belt itself. It’s important to look out for this kind of sizing because it’s easy to get confused and accidentally order a belt in the wrong size due to the two measurements. 


We’ve made sure to include gun belts on our list that will allow you to carry in style without compromising on safety, convenience, or practicality. 

Many of the gun belts listed above are available in wide color varieties, and some even come in patterns such as camo to appeal to all tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re more of a fan of classic, leather styles and colors, or practical-looking, heavy-duty fabric belts, there’s something on our list for you. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for a gun belt to use at work (eg. police or military work), you’ll need a belt that is both practical and professional-looking. Several of the belts on our list are designed for exactly these purposes, so you’ll have no trouble finding a design that combines practicality with the appropriate level of professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a gun belt and a regular belt?

In essence, a gun belt is a stronger, sturdier version of a regular belt. 

You might not be able to tell the difference immediately just by looking at them (especially with some of the leather concealed-carry designs, which look very similar), but gun belts are designed to provide superior support to that of a regular belt. 

Gun belts will often be thicker and wider than regular belts for better sag-resistance. They will also often use stronger, reinforced stitching, as well as stronger hardware for greater durability. 

Do I really need a gun belt?

If you plan on carrying your firearm with you at the waist for any amount of time, you definitely need to invest in a gun belt. 

You might think you can get away with carrying from your regular belt, but as we’ve outlined above, a regular belt just won’t provide the same level of support under the weight of your firearm, holster, and other accessories. 

Not only is carrying from your regular belt likely to cause stretch or sag damage to the belt, but it’s also not as safe. 

If your belt sags under the weight of your firearm, it may shift its position, letting those around you know that you’re armed. 

Additionally, a belt that causes your firearm to change position will impact your ability to locate it immediately at a crucial moment. 

For these reasons, if you’re planning on carrying your firearm from a belt, whether concealed or not, we highly recommend investing in a specialized gun belt, both for your own comfort and safety and for the sake of your regular belt’s longevity. 

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