Below are links to 2 videos that show movement off the X.

As to why YOU should move-n-shoot, click here for the page titled: Move & shoot or Die.

The 1st video is at normal speed.

The first shot is made in just over 1 second and when the shooter has moved 3 feet. The shooter continues to move-n-shoot another 4 feet in 1 more second.

Click here for the 1st video.

The second video is frame-by-frame.

It shows body unloading in the direction of movement, (hip-movement-and-dropping-down of the left side).

It then shows the movement-and-drawing (3 feet up to the 1st shot break).

The total movement in the video was 7+ feet in 2 seconds.

No special type of move or stepping was used. I just moved the way I normally do, as in a life threat situation that is probably what I would default to. And I don't know any special moves anyway.

Here is a link to the 2nd video.

My plan was to start moving before drawing so that I would not be "frozen" in place until I completed a draw, and also so that I would not just "stand and deliver". That is what is recommended by some on the web.

I found that once I had grasped the gun and started to draw things seemed to loosen up and be more fluid.

At the start, I was a bit clumsy. To me that is understandable, as I only recently bought a holster for practicing moving/drawing/shooting.

Lastly, some on the web say that one must try out things in FOF situations, to prove that they will work.

I agree with that if one has a FOF partner or group to work with.

Lacking that, what can one do other than put things in motion and see what happens. As I could move and shoot and hit the target under the camera's observation, and also do that consistently, makes the case for me.

I am sure that I could do better with time and practice.

Could I hit an adversary who would be moving and shooting at me? Based on my results, I would say most likely.

I say that, as I have already tried moving and shooting at a moving target. So moving - drawing - and shooting at a moving FOF adversary would be like frosting on a cake. And it certainly would take the hum-drum out of solo practice.

Here's a pic of the holster used. It's an Uncle Mike's:


Here are pics of a KWA M17 air-gun in a Blackhawk holster which I modified some with a dremel and sand paper to accommodate the aiming aid. I plan to use it for practice as well.

G17 a pic spacer G17 b pic

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