Welcome to the world of the gun.

Along with a handgun, comes the responsibility for keeping it safely secured, and an obligation to learn how to use it safely.

In the world of the gun, you will find that tradition and dogma rule. And they often come into conflict with the reality of today. So you will have to decide what is best for you.

For example, you'll be trained in how to stand and grip a gun, align the sights and aim, and squeeze the trigger until each shot is fired. However, since most robberies and gunfights happen within 21 feet, in poor or bad light, and last only seconds, there just won't be time to take a specific stance, align the sights, aim, and squeeze the trigger.

In a 1970's NYPD study of 6000+ combat cases, NYPD Officers reported that sight alignment was not used in 70% of the cases reviewed. Officers reported using instinctive or point shooting.

Reality is that traditional sight shooting has never been used effectively in close quarters combat as verified by photos or videos. And the hit rate in armed encounters is less than 20%.

You'll learn to use a two handed grip. But, in the NYPD study, Officers with few exceptions, fired with the strong hand. Youll also be taught rapid reloading. However; rapid reloading was never reported as necessary to continue the action per the NYPD study.

Most gun ranges don't allow shooters to move and shoot. However; armed encounters are dynamic events, and knowing how to move and shoot accurately will greatly improve your survival odds. Standing in place and delivering, will make you an easy target.

If your are going to be shot, there is an 80% chance that it will happen within 21 feet. And even if you are, there is a good chance that you will survive. Given the hit rate of less than 20%, unless you are having a very very bad day, you won't get shot.

Also, you most likely won't ever be in a gunfight as they truly are rare bird situations. Only 156 Officers out of some 37,000 NYPD Officers, were involved in a firearm-discharge incident in 2006. And fewer than 73 of those incidents involved an Officer shooting at a human being. Most involved Officers shooting at dogs.

There are effective aimed point shooting methods that can be learned and maintained with minimal training and practice. And they can be used when sight shooting can't be employed. Waiting to learn them until you are in the middle of a gunfight, is not a good idea.

Point shooting could be taught to new shooters, but that is not done traditionally. It's considered to be an advanced shooting technique by many instructors.

You should look into getting liability insurance, because if you ever use your handgun in self defense, you probably will be sued.

And lastly, in homes when there is a handgun, there is a real chance that a family member will be shot by mistake, or commit suicide with it, or the home will be broken into for it.

Again, welcome to the world of the gun.

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