Trump, is a sexual predator, serial liar, racist, Nazi sympathizer, slanderer, false witness, and failure. See #trumplies, #trumpfails.

EACH and EVERY time someone is attacked by Trump, their response should begin with: Trump is a sexual predator, serial liar, racist, Nazi sympathizer, and slanderer.......

No need to "shout" at Trump or his stooges on TV. Just give'em a polite three finger salute. Trump being a genius should be able to "read between the lines."


Trump received votes from women and "family value evangelicals" after it was known that he was a sexual predator, serial liar, racist, slanderer, and false witness. Go Figure.

US General Kelly, Miller, and Banyon who are racists and bigots, support or have supported Nazi sympathizer Trump. On 1/20/18 Trump was branded by Senator Duckworth as a "five deferment draft dodger.

[Trump received five deferments from service in Vietnam, with four citing academic reasons and another citing bone spurs, which typically manifest as small pointed outgrowths of bone, in the heels. The growths can be associated with pain and numbness, but also may not cause any symptoms at all.]

[She also said: "I have a message for ‘Cadet Bone Spurs,’” she said. “If you cared about our military, you’d stop baiting Kim Jong Un into a war that could put 85,000 American troops, and millions of innocent civilians, in danger.”]

Trump may deliberately tweet or say a lie, knowing that news sources often repeat what he tweets of says without a fact check first. What suckers :-). Trump should be praising the media, not attacking.

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