I use AIMED Point Shooting or P&S in test shoots. I also use rental guns and do not shoot that often at the range. In 2009 I went to the range twice, on 1/28/09 and on 9/18/09. My results, show that P&S works and that it can be maintained with minimal practice.

I also use my simple, reliable, and effective aiming aid that makes correct index finger placement mechanical and automatic, and helps keep it in position and away from the slide when the gun is jumping and bucking with rapid fire.

On 10/13/12, I went to the range as I had not shot for 3 years or so. I used a rental Ruger LC9 and a KAHR PM9.

The Ruger is 5 inches in length and the barrel length is 3.12 inches. I found the trigger pull to be very long, which I understand may be a safety feature, but while pulling it to shot break, the nose of the gun wobbled around the target point of impact, just like you see with the use of a laser. I have shot several different kinds of pistols, and never had that happen. With P&S, I normally just point-n-pull, point-n-pull.

The KAHR PM9 is 5.3 inches in length and the barrel length is 3 inches. The trigger pull was much shorter and the recoil jump was much less IMHO, than with the Ruger.

Here are pics of a Ruger and Kahr, and two of the targets used. I believe that my long layoff from shooting and the short length of the barrels did affect accuracy. But, as the targets show, the P&S method still worked and with little or no practice.


Ruger target


KAHR target

Here is a pic of a rental Berreta Nano and target used on 04/16/2014. After another long layoff, the result was similar to those using the Ruger and Kahr, and shows that P&S works, and with little or no practice. The barrel length of the Nano is very short at 3.07 inches. The Nano fit my hand well, was easy to load, and easy to shoot. The backstrap has a squared back and rubbed the skin on my thumb off where it came into contact with the backstrap. If it was mine, I would round the left side of the backstrap and/or add a piece of moleskin.


NANO target

On 4/21/2014 I returned to the range and used a rental 9 mm Springfield XD-S. This target shows 3 five shot groups made at 12 feet using rapid fire. The first group was up and left. So then I pointed lower for the second group, which is lower but still some to the left. Then I pointed some to the right. The black = 5.5 inches.

04/21 target

Here are 06/09/2014 pics of a gun and a target used.

Spring XDM

060914 target

As to my shooting when I was making visits to the range more often, and also shooting airsoft at home for practice, here is a 2006 pic showing the aiming aid attached to a SIG P239 and a target used.


All shots were made as fast as I could point and pull the trigger.

At 30 feet 4 of the hits would be off the center line by 2.5 in., and one would be off the center line by 6 in.

In 2008, I went to the range on 05/20/08, which was just over a year since my last visit. Here are pics of an S&W M&P 9mm and the first target used that day.



On 1/28/09 I used the same gun with good results. On one target I had 13 shots in a 7 in. group at 15 feet, with 7 of them in the black which is 4 1/2 in. I normally shoot as fast as I can point-n-pull.


Here is a pic of a test aid attached to a Springfield XD in 9mm, and a pic of my first target used that day.

Springfield XD


Here is a pic of the same Springfield XD in 9mm, and a pic of the first target used a month later.

Springfield XD


And here are pics of a S&W 40 Cal and a KAHR K9 and two targets used.





In tests, I consistently and repeatedly hit 9 1/2" by 14" targets at the "in home" distances of 10 to 15 feet, and even up to 25 feet. All of the results, of course, were not as good as those shown above.

I used a 10 inch paper plate in the Glock 26 test on 7/3/03.


I used an ink marker to make the rings.

Note that some holes are in and others are out. I used the target when shooting 3 bursts of five shots. The target shows 13 hits.

Of interest is the location of the hits. The hits were lower rather than higher. I suspect that is due to the upper edge of the plate being held by the target holding clip. And in my trying not to shoot the clip, I shot lower.


In my first test that was made on 9/98, I used an S&W 5906, and 11x17 inch targets. At that time, I had not shot a gun in over 40 years.

After some warm up shooting, to get familiar with the kick of the gun and to make sure it wouldn't fly our of my hand, I "let'er rip."

I hit the target 6 out of 7 times at 25 feet, while pointing and pulling the trigger as fast as I could point-n-pull, point-n-pull.


Some say that P&S and the P&S aiming aid are a joke or worse, and ridicule both.

Well, four of the five hits made with the KAHR K9 in June of 2002, as shown in the photo immediately below, can be covered by a dollar bill.

Anyone can take a dollar bill from their wallet or purse and hold it against their chest.

Then look down at it and imagine FOUR 9 mm slugs hitting it and going through it. NOT funny!!!

The hits were made by an old guy, who seldom shoots, didn't use the sights, used a rental gun, pulled the trigger with his middle finger, and shot as fast as he could point his index finger at the target and pull the trigger. And it was only the 7th time he shot in over 40 years.


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