The California Highway Patrol Academy has trained CHP Officers to use a Target-Focused Shooting system.

The system "relies on hand eye coordination" and it "emphasizes a proper grip that makes the handgun an extension of the arm, hand and index finger."

It is similar to the shooting method of Fairbairn, Sykes, and Applegate, in that the sights are not used in CQ aiming.

The firearm is positioned directly under the dominate eye.

The system was developed by CHP Officer Louis Chiodo, who has since retired from the CHP.

There was an extensive article on Target Focus Fighting in the Oct 2001 issue of Guns And Weapons For LE.

Per the article, in developing the program, Lou researched 25 years of his Border Division's shootings.

"He found that 54% of the CHP Officer involved gun battles occurred within six feet. Three quarters of them happened at less than 10 feet. Almost 100% took place within a 15 yard envelope.

"Ninety percent involved suspect movement and while under marginal light conditions. In 60% of the deadly force encounters both combatants were moving."

The article also states that based on his analysis, and how the majority of shooters react when confronted by a deadly threat, Point Shooting at close ranges became the core of the program. Included were techniques for shooting while moving when one or both parties were distancing themselves or closing.

Louis Chido offers the program via the web. Here is a link to his site: Gunfighters Ltd. Here is the URL: http://www.gunfightersltd.com

This is a link to an interview with Lou that was conducted by Paladin Press in regard to his book: "Winning A High-Speed, Close-Distance gunfight. It's well worth reading. Here is the URL: http://www.paladin-press.com/downloads/Lou_Chiodo_QA.pdf

If you do not use a Point Shooting method, you should think about why the CHP with its force of 5000+ Officers, who "for many years emphasized focusing on the sights for all Close Quarter shooting situations," moved to Target-Focused Shooting.

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