Guns are effective tools for killing people, and they have been used by countries for over 100+ years to kill thousands, to the hundreds of thousands, to millions of men, women, and children in internal and external conflicts.

On a much smaller scale, mass murder shootings have and continue to happen all around the Globe. And they often are perpetrated by a single or a few mass murders.

A murderer in Denmark recently massacred over 80 young people. And in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 very young children were massacred by another lone mass murderer. In those countries there are strict gun controls.

Here in the US, there also has been a continuing series of mass murder shootings. The most recent was at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Conn., where 20 young children and 6 adults were massacred.

There is a simple and doable solution to this continuing series of mass murder shootings.

It would reduce the casualties in mass murder shootings.


Make It illegal to buy, sell, or possess a firearm magazine in the private sector* that holds more than eight rounds. Also, make it illegal in the private sector* to fail to report the possession of such a magazine by a private sector* person.

*private sector = non military or police.


This would limit a shooter from firing more than eight rounds without first reloading, or switching to another firearm having the same limitation. Both actions take time, and increase the chance of a mistake being made in reloading or firearm handling. It also increases the chance of the prey escaping.


8 rounds was the capacity of the original version of the 1911 pistol which was adopted by the US Armed forces as its standard issue sidearm in 1912. It was used in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and it still is carried by some US forces and Police. The round capacity was sufficient for US forces for use in war, for over 70 years, and should be more than adequate for civilian self defense use.

Also, the M1 Garand was the standard rifle used in WWII and Korea. It had/has a magazine capacity of eight rounds, which was sufficient for military use.

What hunter has a need for a rifle or shotgun holding more than 8 rounds?


Rarely do Police need to fire more than 8 rounds or exchange magazines to continue a gunfight, which are themselves rare events. As such, it should be even rarer for a civilian to need to do that in a self defense armed encounter.

Also, in the few seconds needed by a mass murderer to exchange magazines to continue a massacre, innocents may run and escape, the murderer may not make the exchange properly, drop the magazine, be attacked, etc..

This solution would not ban or take away guns, some of which cost thousands, it would just limit in the private sector, their mass murder shooting capacity.

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