Listings are discretionary, that is: soley at my option. Also, it is always good to check out, as best as you can, the reliability and quality of the work done by those you do business with.

American Police Beat.

Armed Females of America - Pro Gun Women on Full Auto.

banner Airplane Videos & Photos.

Close Quarter Battle - Skeletonized Rear Sight combat handgun sight system (CQB-SRS).

Close Quarter Combat The W. Hock Hochheim web site.

Defensive Use Of Firearms: Point Shooting? - by Stephen P. Weneger.

US Deputy Sheriff's Assoc.

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Free Printable Calendars from Printfree.com

GeorgiaPacking.org - Information on Georgia gun laws, and a very nice page of links to other sites.

The Gregg Method of Point-Shooting Handguns and Shotguns.

Live Safe Academy, LLC
- A family run school dedicated to enhancing personal safety.
- An approved Criminal Justice Training Provider by the
- Mich. Comm. on Law Enforcement Standards.

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Misc Links - Select listing of gun related sites/organizations.

Norpoint Shooting and Tactical Training Center is a large indoor public shooting range and retail facility located in the Smokey Point area of Arlington. The staff is pleasant and helpful.

Owen Guns, an Australian gun dealer and firearms activist has a library of training manuals, catalogs, and targets, which can be downloaded for free. Click on the CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK banner and login for the catalogue and downloads.

Here's a link to the US Army Pistol Trials 1907 as a PDF file.

Pistol Accents - Gun Parts and Accessories.

Peace Officers Research Association of California.

SABRE Inc. - Tactical Training & Research - Home base for C.A.R. instruction.

Mike Conti's Training group.
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South Carolina Troopers Association

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I used to shoot at Sam's in Everett by Boeing's. Sad to say it's no longer operating. Sam's was a nice public venue.

Another nice friendly place to shoot is Shooting Sports North West. It's located a couple of miles south of Mill Creek on the Bothell/Everett Hwy at the first major intersection. Its behind the "local" casino.
Here's a link.

West Coast Armory North has taken over Sam's and it is now in business at Sam's location.
Here's a link.

The Thinking Gunfighter - A no nonsense blog of factual information on guns and gunfighting by David Armstrong.

Utah Peace Officers Association

International Association of Women Police.

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