The following is an e-mail note from an Officer + a link to a video of him in a shootout.


"I appreciate your website. I was in a gunfight last year and it made me think about my own training. Of course the more gun training one has, the better. So I say shoot as much as possible.

But during my gun battle it was impossible to use my sights. And I constantly trained with them.

The material on your site is accurate. I just wanted to drop you a note plus the link to the video of the gunfight.

Kevin Newman

Here's the YouTube link.


Below is added information that was provided by Officer Newman in a follow up e-mail. It adds details to what you see in the video. Officer newman has reviewed it, and approves of it as written.


That was a crazy day! I'm glad the carwash had video cameras.

As I was driving, I was thinking about where the bad guy would run; and he ended up where I thought, at the car wash. That was after he fled from a traffic stop and threatened to shoot some of my co-workers behind a grocery store.

At the carwash, he held up the two workers, and then tried to steal their truck which was on a hydraulic lift because a tire needed to be changed.

As I came up along side of the truck, an Officer was struggling with the door, and tazing him.

What you can't see but I did, was the bad guy raising his gun. I couldn't believe it. For me, it was in slow motion.

He fired the first shot at her head.

His second shot was at me. But thankfully I was moving and shooting.

As he fell backwards onto the passenger seat, his third shot broke the little window.

I fired 13 times. My first few shots hit the side of the truck.

I was just lucky I guess.


To my way of thinking, the video and Officer Newman's information makes crystal clear the need for those who have a gun for self defense, to learn a basic Point Shooting method that can be effectively employed in close quarters life threat situations, and to practice it.

I favor AIMED Point Shooting or P&S as it is the simplest of shooting methods, and it is not a bar to other shooting methods. P&S can be used with them to improve them. And it can be learned with little or no training, and maintained with little or no practice.

Of course, regular practice can improve performance.

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