Just below are links to 2 short videos where P&S was used to hit a swinging target. Links to 2 other short videos where P&S was used to hit a swinging target while moving, are further down.

They show that you can naturally, automatically, and repeatedly hit fast moving targets with a handgun using P&S. And that you also can do that while moving.

A 9 inch pie tin was placed behind the targets to serve as a "gong" so that "COM" hits could be heard.

Click here for the 1st video.

Click here for the 2nd video.

target1 spacer target2

The target on the left was used in the first video. 4 shots were taken, and all hit it. 3 of the 4 hits are shown at the upper left of the target, and the 4th is just outside the upper left of the circle. The 2 hits on the upper right were from an earlier attempt.

The target on the right shows that 4 of the next 5 shots were hits. (See the stars and blue marks next to the faint holes - sorry for the poor camera work - will look for the target and if it is still around, will make another photo.)

It seemed odd, but shooting at a moving target, and also moving and shooting at a moving target seemed to be easier than just standing still and shooting at a stationary target.

As to using the sights when shooting at the swinger, or when moving and shooting at the swinger, things happen way to fast for that.

Also, it's nice to get feedback via the targets that P&S works very well and with little if any practice.


One reads and hears about Force on Force training exercises where a shooter is not only moving and shooting, but moving and shooting at moving and shooting bad guys.

So it was natural to think about moving and shooting at a moving target, as I had not done both at the same time.

Here are 2 videos and the targets used which show my initial results.

Click here for the 1st video.

Click here for the 2nd video.

M&S1 spacer M&S2

The first target show 3 hits out of 5 shots made. In the video, the "gong" sounds 5 times so the two misses were close. The second target shows 5 hits out of 5 shots.

As this was my first attempt at this, I imagine that I would get better and quicker over time. Also, shooting an airsoft pistol is like a pop gun relative to shooting a real firearm.

As to STRESS as a factor, my stress level was elevated, as at that time I did not shoot often or practice often, and I had NO experience at shooting at a moving target while moving myself, plus I was my own video crew, prop person, director, and actor.

Based on my experience, I think doing FOF would be "fun" as the targets would be much bigger. And all I would have to do and be concerned about, would be drawing, moving and shooting.


Here is a picture of the BB trap and swinging target used.

A camera was positioned near the BB Trap/target to video it's movement. Also a mirror was placed in the camera's field of view, to show me as I was shooting at the target.

A nine inch wide pie tin was used as a Gong and placed close to the center of the BB Trap. You can hear it make a sound when hit.

8 x 10 1/2 in pieces of paper were used as targets, and a 5 inch bullseye was marked on them with a felt marker.

The distance to the target when it was not moving, was 11 feet from the end of the gun muzzle when my arm was extended. That distance increased as the target moved from right to left and back again.

To make the videos:

1. I used the camera's self timer feature, my gun, and a nylon cord and pulley to draw the BB trap-and-target up as high as possible to one side.

2. I first pressed the camera shutter for auto focusing, and then again to start the timer. I then grabbed the gun and held it down at my side.

3. When the timer light blinked rapidly (warning that the video recording was going to start), I brought the gun up to shoot and at the same time let go of the nylon cord used to draw the BB trap-and-target up to one side.

I had set the camera to record for 5 seconds.

The 3rd and 4th videos look close to being the same. However, if you go frame by frame thru them, the shooter's position against the background is different as the shots are being made, and the ending frame pics are different.

I did not do any warm up shooting to make the session more "interesting."

Here is a pic of the "swinger" and the air pistol used.

Swinger spacer Swgun
Because of the big fat grip of the gun and the tang, adding a P&S aiming aid required extra material. I don't care for that, but you have to go with what is produced or make your own. Also, I extended the trigger to make it easy to pull with the middle finger.

Designing guns that incorporate a P&S aiming aid, or making the addition of one easy, could improve the survival chance of police and others in CQB situations.

With the use of a P&S aiming aid and an appropriately configured gun, correct index finger placement along the side of the gun can be made mechanical and automatic, and better assure fast, natural, and accurate aiming for each shot.

This is an update of this article written several years ago. It was edited for clarity and easier understanding of the content. The facts remain the same.

This is a link to this article in PDF form. You are welcome to download it and use/share it as you like. I am 80+, so this site may be gone at any time.

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