Anyone is welcome to add one to their personal firearm/s and airsoft/paintball/etc... type guns if done at their own risk and expense, and if they accept full responsibility for any and all results. Ditto for Police agencies that may wish to add the aid to agency weapons. I hold the patent on the aiming aid, so I can make this offer.

The aiming aid extends out from the side of the gun like a small shelf. It is in line with both sights and barrel.


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As such, when the index finger is placed against it and pointed at a target, the gun barrel will accurately point at the target.


Then all you have to do is point-n-pull, point-n-pull, point-n-pull.

The middle finger or left index finger can be used to pull the trigger.

No sights, no trigger squeeze, no problem. The aid also keeps the index finger in place and away from the slide.

Pieces of 3/4 inch plastic corner molding that are about 4 inches long, can be used to make "test" aiming aids. They can be attached with 3M double sided adhesive tape. VHB - very high bond - tape can be used as well.

A shim made of suitable material, may be needed if the side of the gun where the aid is attached, is not flat.

The aiming aids shown are 5/8 x 5/8 x 4 inches. In the middle picture above, note that the aid has been trimmed to better match the configuration of the gun. Tin snips and a bit of sandpaper can be used for snipping and smoothing the edges.

If the part that sticks out horizontally from the gun, sticks out to far, you could reduce it some to see if that works for you.

A little rubbing alcohol on a rag or paper towel can be used to clean the side of the gun where the tape will make contact. The little alcohol wipes that can be found in most any drug department of a store also work good. The VHB tape may say it bonds permanently, but just pull or pry a bit, and then allow it to stretch under your pressure and it will come off from most surfaces.


I have had no problems using the aiming aid when firing guns as fast as I could point and pull, point and pull. It makes correct finger placement mechanical and automatic, and it keeps your index finger in place and away from the slide when the gun is jumping and bucking in your hand with rapid firing.

C A U T I O N ! ! !


If the aid or your finger when placed against it, will affect the gun's action, THEN DON'T USE THE AID with that gun.

If your finger may be hit by the slide when the gun is fired, or by an ejected shell, or hot gases, or if your finger extends beyond the end of the barrel, THEN DON'T USE THE AID with that gun.

Always use safe gun handling practices.

The aid can be added to or incorporated into sub-guns, assault type rifles, tasers, airsoft guns, CO2 guns, paintball guns, toy guns, squirt guns, dart guns, etc..

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