If you have a handgun at home, you probably bought it with the thought in mind that you would be able to use it for self defense. And, you probably have been trained to use the sights to shoot it accurately.

Well, if you think you will be able to effectively use it and your training in a real self defense situation, you could be dead wrong.

That's because studies and data on armed encounters have established that 1. handguns do not having a simple, practical, and reliable means for aiming and shooting them accurately in close quarters life threatening situations, and 2. traditional Sight Shooting training, which results in accurate shooting on gun ranges, fails to be used or can not be used in most all close quarters life threat situations where the chance of being shot or killed is the greatest.

The data and study results point up the futility of an average person having a handgun for use in self defense. Not that having a hand gun for use in self defense, isn't a good idea or thought. But, in the harsh reality of real world, life and death, close quarters encounters, the average person won't be able to shoot a hand gun effectively.

That there are no formal and industry wide programs and efforts to remedy both the handgun and training defects, may be a basis for action against gun makers, sellers, and trainers under common law product liability claims of defective design, and failure-to-warn.

This is a link to an article that further discusses the design defect in handguns.

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