In the olden days, going against the dogma established by the powers that be, had real and dire consequences.

In the late 1500's dogma held that the sun revolved around the earth.

And when Gioedano Bruno dared suggest that the sun and planets were just one of many similar systems, that space was boundless, and that there might be other worlds inhabited by beings equal or possible superior to ourselves, he became a persona non grata.

Gioedano was tried by the Inquisition, condemned, and burned at the stake on February 17, 1600; and his works were banned by the Church in 1603.

In 1633, Galileo Galilei was forced to his knees in front of his betters, and under the threat of torture and death, he renounced all belief in the Copernican theory which held that the Earth revolved around the Sun. His sentence was life under house arrest.

Today, the consequences of going against established dogma are no longer as dire, but the goal of the powers that be, is basically the same: squelch, suppress, and act against those who do not go along with it.

Innovative ideas that run counter to the dogma or traditional ways, will be laughed at, ridiculed, and squelched. And anyone who raises them, can expect to be admonished, belittled, and banned.

There are true believers who will defend their cause with the fervor of religious zealots. In the polite society they go by the names: FSP only advocates, modern technique proponents, stand and deliver advocates, bulls eye adherents, etc.. And there are "gamers" who claim that the proof of any new or different shooting means or method, is timed competition; and who say: "Beat me first, and then I'll consider what you have to offer."

Each group is a fiefdom or "cult" of its own, and with its own rules, ways, and methods.

Point Shooting advocates, like myself, have been banned from gun forums for one stated reason or another. In my case, it's usually because: "You have a bad attitude, are argumentative, or adhere ridiculously to a patently false idea (P&S), or you are a troll, or you are selling something."

Pick most any phrase.

It soon becomes clear to the one being targeted that the reason for the disparaging words, is that those who dare to question the dogma or traditional ways and means, are not welcome.

Their disparaging attitude and actions are understandable up to a point, as close combat is a deadly serious business. And to suggest an innovative or better way of doing something, can call into question the method/s which they believe in, and which they may teach, or may have taught to others to use in self defense.

The hard truth of the matter is that Sight Shooting is the established dogma, and it is not used or is ineffective in close quarters combat situations.

What the dogma has resulted in, is a hit rate of less than 20% in CQB situations. And that is the elephant standing clearly in the middle of the room, but not seen, and about which no one is doing much if anything.

In reality, there is little if any hard evidence of Sight Shooting ever being used effectively in close quarters gunfights.

There should be hundreds to thousands of pics and videos of it being used effectively, since it has been taught for the past 100+ years, and film and video cameras have been around for 50+ years.

But, evidence of its effectiveness is as prevalent as hens' teeth.

It would be easy to disarm those who bring up new or innovative ideas, by publishing stats, studies, pics, and videos of Sight shooting being used effectively in CQB situations. But don't expect that to happen. I have been at this for 15+ years now, and it hasn't happened yet.

The studies, stats, pics, videos, and the literature in support of the use of Point Shooting over Sight Shooting in close quarters life threat situations, are met with blinders and closed minds.

Also denied is the scientifically established reality that our instinctive Fight or Fight response will be activated automatically in close quarters life threat situation, and as a result, Sight Shooting will not be able to be used in them.

Hand in hand with those denials, is the reluctance to accept the reality that 75% of gunfights occur at less than 20 feet, and that if you are going to be shot and killed, there is an 80% chance that it will be at less than 21 feet.

To do otherwise, would require fresh thinking, and changes in training, shooting methods, and qualification standards.

Most just march in lock-step with this or that Guru or cause, and happily go along to get along.

My videos and pics of my results using AIMED Point Shooting or P&S, provide proof that it is fast, automatic, and accurate at close quarters distances, without using the sights and even while moving. And you can even shoot aerials using it.

And no one needs some Guru's blessing to try Point Shooting at their own risk and expense. An airsoft pistol is all that is needed if it is legal to use one in your area.

Jack Ruby used what I call P&S to shoot and kill Oswald in a dynamic situation where both the shooter and target were moving and the target area was small. Ruby took less than 1/3 of a second to aim and take his shot. Using the sights in such a situation, was not possible.

This picture shows Oswald just prior to being shot. It is one of a slide/series of WWW.dallasnews.com JFK assassination photos.


This is the JFKlancer.com photo of Oswald just after he was shot.


If you do not know how to Point Shoot, you would be wise to take the initiative to learn about it and how to do it. It really is quite simple, and easy to learn and retain, and with minimal practice.

But, it will not happen by magic. You have to know about it, and learn how to do it.

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