PS rest

Adding a P&S index finger rest to an AR or SMG can improve the effectiveness of your Close Quarters shooting by enabling the use of your instinctive and accurate pointing ability to engage targets.

Here's what the US Army says about our instinctive and accurate pointing ability:

"Everyone has the ability to point at an object.

"When a soldier points, he instinctively points at the feature on the object on which his eyes are focused. An impulse from the brain causes the arm and hand to stop when the finger reaches the proper position.

"When the eyes are shifted to a new object or feature, the finger, hand, and arm also shift to this point.

"It is this inherent trait that can be used by a soldier to rapidly and accurately engage targets."

[US Army Field Manual 3-23.35: Combat Training With Pistols M9 AND M11 June,2003.]

A P&S Index Finger Rest makes correct placement of the index finger along the side of the gun both mechanical and automatic, which is vital in a high stress situation. It insures that the front and rear sights, the barrel, and the index finger are in alignment for fast and accurate target engagement for each shot. It also keeps the index finger away from the slide of a pistol.

sight pic sight1

Fast and accurate target engagement and shooting is done as one action. That is, as soon as you sense that the target is being pointed at, the trigger is pulled with the middle finger.

Just point-n-pull, point-n-pull, point-n-pull. No more, No less.

SWMP Mr. Orange Kahr

A WWII Sgt. told me to shoot my grease gun that way when firing from the hip. It worked then and still does.

grease gun grease gun

The idea of using an index finger rest with pistols and other weapons, didn't come up until the late 1990's when I saw a TV clip of a shootout between a perp and a cop where nothing was hit but air.

Here's a pic of a P&S Index Finger Rest superimposed on an AR, and pics of the P&S Index Finger rest attached to pistols.

AR pic

Why not stack the deck in your favor by adding one to your weapon. Then, if or when cards are dealt, you'll have the better hand.

S/W SR9 G 17 Spring. XD

The P&S index finger rests shown are made from pieces of plastic corner molding which is available at most any hardware store. double sided adhesive tape can be used to attach them to a rifle, pistol, or other weapon. Here's more on how to do that.

You are welcome to add one to your personal gun/s at your own risk and expense. And the same is true for Police Agencies and their weapons.

If you are a gun maker, you have my permission to produce the aiming aid and make it available to Police Agencies at your own risk and expense, and with no payments accruing to me.

If you would like to produce and make them available to the general public or the military, please contact me about a very reasonable licensing arrangement as the device is patented.

Here is a link to a just completed video on Survival Point Shooting which answers the question of why you should add the aiming aid to a handgun: Click me.

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